Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend of the Converted Domesticate

What better way to cap off a week in which I worked late every night than by working - and playing?

I didn't mind, though.

Friday night I had a work thing until around 7. Then I went to watch D. play with Mike Blackwell for his CD release show. By the time I sat down in the back of the room I knew it was all over. I left after the first set so I could change into my nightgown and watch The Dog Whisperer on the couch with the pets nestled around me.

Saturday we got up early(ish) to take my group of Indonesian students to the Farmers' Market. It was an absolutely perfect spring day. The market was a typical Saturday morning madhouse. We're working on getting Lucy better trained on the leash. This was a good test for her, as there were about 5,903 other dogs and smells to tempt and torture her. It was also good for the Indonesians, many of whom are afraid of dogs.

Saturday night we almost went to dinner and a movie. I had been invited to the International Banquet on campus. We ditched all other plans, made cocktails and settled in for a vicious round of Scrabble. Playing Scrabble with me is sometimes more of an endurance test than a fun way to pass the time. I am a score fiend and can often take 15 minutes or more to decide on a final word. It pays off though! D. must have wanted to redeem himself because they we played a full round of Yahtzee and although we tied in individual game winnings, he scored more points overall.

I need to tell you about that drink - an adult Creamsicle. You put ice, vodka, orange juice, an ounce or so of vanilla syrup, and a splash of half-and-half in a cocktail shaker and then shake the dickens out of it. You pour it into glasses and you have a frothy, delicious drink that tastes just like a frozen Creamsicle. I recommend you have at least two tall ones if you need a Scrabble handicap.

Sunday was even more beautiful. I took the Indonesian students to plant bulbs and celebrate Earth Day. We all had fun digging in the dirt. Stella mowed the yard again. D. grilled steaks that put us into a digestive coma. It was a great day.

There you have it. The me of a few years ago might be horribly ashamed of me for being so housebound and quiet and boring. The me of today is perfectly happy with how I spend my free time.

Next weekend: Camping!


5 of 9er said...

Nice spring weather + Scrabble... heavenly!

marty said...

i would not want to challenge you in scrabble. no way.

Alannah said...

I'm afraid I'm probably not much fun in Scrabble. :-(

I take it too seriously.

Stephanie said...

Your drinks all sound so good!