Thursday, May 08, 2008

At The Speed of Hummingbird Wings

The past few weeks my mind has felt like a bird feeder where my thoughts are the birds that flutter around and alight for only a few minutes.

A few I can recall:

  • "I never expected to like this fig incense so much. Well whaddya know."
  • "Thank god no one ever comes over and discovers what slobs we can be."
  • "Why do I feel obligated to eat this quinoa salad and shepherd's pie? How old are these anyway?
  • Four days old?
  • Five?
  • Because they're leftovers, Alannah, and as you well know...throwing away food is like slapping a starving orphan."
  • "Jason Castro - stoned or just stupid?"
  • "Ha. Kinda funny how Michigan & Florida wanted those early primaries because they more of a say...and if they hadn't moved them they really could."
  • "Madonna must have made some sort of Crossroads-type deal...she looks better and sounds worse with each new record. But does it really even matter what she sounds like at this point?"
  • "I wonder if I need another Mexican muscle neck is killing me"
  • "Hey, remember when I used to make things and have time to myself?"
  • "How did I get so lucky? Life is good."
  • "I need to live where mangoes and avocados are in season year-round."
  • "Oh shit! I forgot to call/email/file/curse/pick up/schedule/pay for/order/punch/ x, y, and z."
  • "I want to go shoe shopping. New sandals would fix a lot of what's wrong"
  • "New moral guide - What Would Marty Do?"
  • "I wish the students wouldn't always comment on how fast-paced America is. It only reminds me that it's not like this in other places. Damn them!"
  • "How can I realistically eradicate all toxins from my life?"
  • "You can't."
  • "But that shouldn't stop me from trying."
  • "I'm so tired of grocery shopping. I want to imagine food and have it appear in my pantry. I don't want to look for things."
  • "But if you didn't grocery shop then you wouldn't run into Amy and then you wouldn't meet for margaritas and then you wouldn't decide you wanted get a card game going afterwards and get all sorts of fun people together."
  • "Maybe you're right - the grocery store doesn't have to be the dingy flourescent screaming baby hellhole I make it out to be! Plus that's where I always get to hear that same Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis song."
  • "I thought you hated that song."
  • "I do. But sometimes I get sentimental about things I know I can depend on."
  • "You're weird."
  • "So exactly what's a cyclone again? Hurricane or tornado or both or neither?"
  • "Oooh, I really like that song in the iPod commerical. I need to get me some peppy music."
A little scary, huh? This peek inside my bird brain?


Anonymous said...

Geez Louise...I couldn't have said it better!
i love and miss you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...and Castro? Wow!

marty said...

you made my morning alannah. :)

p.s. i have to admit i love/hate that huey lewis song. and it's funny that you mention music from a commercial. i have been pretty obsessed with music from commercials lately. the most recent being joe purdy's "can't get it right today" from the kia commercial. now, i'm trying to find out what some it is in that lexus commercial where they move the tree across the sky. (that probably doesns't make sense)
i need more coffee. xoxo

Lori Mocha said...

I love it when we're cruisin' together!

And, I'd like another Mexican muscle relaxant please.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even about to share with anyone what thoughts go on inside my head.

carolyn says said...

oh poor jason castro, he's probably a little bit of both, with pretty pretty eyes

AMY said...

Here's what I'm thinking about -- I'll see you in a week!!! I can't wait for Martha's wedding!!!!! I bought a new dress and everything!

Stephanie said...

Diggin' the bullet point list. I can relate to the bird/feeder metaphor!