Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let No Man Put Asunder

Yesterday we went to the first of the four weddings (so far) that we've been invited to this year. No one ever told me how much fun it is to go to weddings with a significant other. That is, if you can make it to the wedding without killing each other. Let's just say that last minute primping-induced burned hair and forgotten directions do not for a stress-free drive to the chapel make. "Next time we go to a wedding, we're going on my time," D. said. Ha! Silly men...don't they realize that they can threaten all they want about "their time" but if a woman isn't ready, she just isn't ready?

Luckily Amy and Todd were also just sliding into the pews as the organist began. Okay, so actually they beat us by like two minutes, bu helped us feel less alone in our tardiness.

Martha and Justin's wedding was very sweet and touching. I'm so incredibly happy for her. And for him. For the whole dang family.

This photo doesn't do Martha's dress justice. It was handmade and absolutely gorgeous.

D. doesn't approve of these longer-exposed photos, but I like how it shows the hustle and bustle around the bride and her beaming, full-faced grin.

Sally Quinn. Justin's daughter and flower girl.

Hmm. What sort of advice do you suppose Amy is being given here?

Amy, Martha, and me.

This last one is my favorite! Yay for true love and weddings!


marty said...

you look stunning.

Alannah said...

Thanks Marty! I wish I had a picture of D. and I together because I totally dorked out and tried to color coordinate my dress to his suit.

I've gotta email you to discuss pool parties and whatnot.

Anonymous said...

Is that Rachel in the photo, too? I think that's her name? Do I know Martha? I guess the whole time you've talked about the Martha wedding I thought you were talking about Martha Gu...

Love your dress!

Alannah said...

Yes, that is Rachel. And YES, that IS Martha G, silly!

I loooved my dress. I bought it the day of the wedding on a last minute tear through TJ Maxx - best part? It was $20!

Anonymous said...

I did not recognize her! Yes, silly me.

afro moon said...


AMY said...

I had such a great weekend, and I'm so glad we got to hang out with you and D at Martha's wedding. I love those pictures! I'll have to get Todd to download his. It's always so great getting to see you!

Alisson said...

Wow, you look great!! Martha looks great. I haven't seen her in a long time. I'm happy for her.

Well, you and D. are quite the couple going to 4 weddings!!

5 of 9er said...

Yea for weddings... and silly men. I completely understand where D is coming from. :)