Wednesday, May 28, 2008

While I'm At It...

Well I'm thrilled that there are three women in the finale of Top Chef. We've had our money on Stephanie all season and are rooting for her to be the first woman to take the title.

Another aspect of being so busy that really bothers me is not having time to cook like I like to. I'm often not home at dinnertime or just exhausted and can barely boil water.

Tonight I somehow gathered the energy to use up some left over broiled salmon to make a fennel/caper cream sauce to which I added the salmon and some spices:And of course our standard salad:
And just for the hell of it, a lemon cake with lemon/ginger glaze, whipped cream and delicious, in-season strawberries:

Last weekend we had to say goodbye to a really special group of students from Indonesia. They were so sweet, so funny, and so wonderful that all of us at work grew quite fond of them. A few weeks into their stay, they discovered yard sales (or as one student mistakenly, but awesomely, referred to them, "garbage markets") as a great way to buy things really cheap. So on their last day in Arkansas I drove a bunch of them around to various yard sales. Then I took them to our house for ice cream. Here they are piled into our music room, listening to D. play guitar:
And outside making flower wreaths:
And snuggling with Chicklet:

Now if only I had money and time to visit them on each of their islands.....


Stephanie said...

This post ranks right up there with napping in a hammock in the comfortable shade of two big oak trees on a warm summer day. I love that you make stuff like fennel caper cream sauce and salmon, and instead of a usual shortcake (not saying there's anything wrong with shortcake) you made LEMON cake. Yum.
And I love that picture of D playing his guitar for the students, it's a snapshot that has a melody, somehow.

And 'Garbage Markets,' yes, I may need to adopt that one myself! Brilliant.

5 of 9er said...

You need to be on Top Chef next season... that would be great!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will go back to their country and tell their tales to their fellow country men of the Great Garbage Markets of the Free World. Alannah, you have DONE your job. Bravo!

Alannah said...

I think "garbage markets" came from mixing up flea markets and garage sales. I'm going to call them garbage markets from here on out, though.

No way in hay-ell could I ever cut it on top chef. I have zero knife skills and did you see the ones where they had to clean and fillet a monkfish? Or last night when they had to cut a perfect tomahawk steak? NO WAY could I ever do that.

Megan Chapman said...

Great Post!

Ohhh and yes, I am going to call them "garbage markets" from now on as well- that is too perfect to pass up!

Thank you Indonesian students for the great gift you have left behind! : )