Friday, June 06, 2008

Forgive Me Marty!*

You're right - I haven't posted anything in forever...but I also know you understand how insane in the membrane I've been. There's been a whole lot of tired and grouchy going around...

It's the beginning of our summer term at work. My workload quadruples during the month of July. I have new students from Thailand, Russia (including a 63 year-old woman who speaks approximately four words in English), Chile, Guatemala, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Egypt. We had a welcome barbecue for which I grilled 40 burgers, 42 hot dogs, corn on the cob, and 5 lbs. of chicken. After a few beers we all loosened up and people started playing guitar and singing songs from their homelands. It was too windy for flies but enough to cool the evening just right. What a fun night.

And I'll be honest with you - I watch a lot of tv when I'm not working. It's an unhealthy pattern, I realize, to only have two speeds, but I don't know how else to be.

I know I'm getting old because I suddenly LOVE HGTV! House Hunters, My House is Worth What?!, Flip That House. Is it the mortgage crisis that is making me house-crazy? Or is this some new 1/3 life crisis? I'm a nestaholic. Also, Top Chef has been really good. Richard and Stephanie are so awesome and Lisa keeps getting worse and worse; it makes for addictive television.

But you know, it's not all bad.

It's June so the weather is still unpredictable. It's definitely warm enough for porch parties. I don't have a porch. And don't live in a porch neighborhood. It's a big problem. Porch-owners out there, be grateful...and please invite me over. I need to get out of the house but I won't unless I have to.

So here's what's been working to pull me out of my funk:

  • A crazy-for-not-being-more-disturbing article in The New Yorker about a non-lethal weapon expert. I learned that the Taser is named for an old kids' book called Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle. How creepy and random is that?
  • Cleaning the house (See? Nestaholic).
  • David Sedaris on The Daily Show.
  • Jenna Fischer on Fresh Air.
  • Ripe fruit.
  • Surprise emails.
  • 5 of 9er's good news!
  • Skirts & flip flops.
  • Naps.
  • Another wedding!
  • One of our new students who is an amazing woman from Uganda who helped write the constitution there and started her own NGO dedicated to empowering women and helping children afflicted with AIDS/HIV.
  • Dinner at Stephanie's tonight.
  • Obama.(apologies for the wrinkles.)
*I'm also sorry for not linking to anything.


AMY said...

I have that same Obama t-shirt! How awesome are we!!! I'm so thrilled that he's finally the official nominee -- gives me goosebumps.

marty said...

yay! glad to see you posting! i, too, watch tv. no judgment here. i just happen to watch it online — no cable.

i got myself an obama shirt this weekend!!! i'll post a pic soon, i think you'll like it.

Stephanie said...

Skirts and flip-flops, finally!

Your cook-out sounded amazing.

And Obama. The future is in sight.

afro moon said...

Ooooh I can't stand that Lisa!
and Richard's feux hawk with his skinny headband drives me crazy.

I really hope Stephanie wins.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the Pepsi emblem on your t-shirt? Is he now product endorsing?

Please teach me that other speed you have. The one where you get to sit down and watch television.

Alannah said...

Richard grew on me, Afro Moon. He has consistently proven to talented and seems to work well with others and doesn't have the overinflated ego I at first thought he had.

But we're Team Stephanie all the way.

SRU - I don't have a choice. I collapse on the couch that just happens to be within hand's reach of the remote....

questionsaboutfaith said...

Glad you like Obama. He is the one best hope for our country.

He's the best presidential candidate since Kennedy in 1960. Obama/Clinton would be a dream ticket. Hope it happens.