Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grasping At Product Development Straws

Not too much surprises me anymore, but this new product gave me pause. Fruit-infused beer? GOOD LORD, WHY?? Call me narrow-minded with an unsophisticated palate but I can't see how raspberry pomegranate Michelob could possibly taste good. It reminds me too much of Boone's Farm (mmmm, Strawberry Hill....tastes like high school....). Now, I'm all for squeezing fresh lime into a cold why add "lime flavoring?"


carolyn says said...

cripes, as soon as you say Michelob, all thought of tasting good flies out the window. adding fruit flavour just makes it fly further.

word on the street is that my brother drinks the lime flavoured one. i despair for his soul.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this be similar to that Woodchuck Apple Cider Beer? It's like dropping a Jolly Rancher in your pilsner. Yecch!

Megan Chapman said...


(sorry fruit flavored beers bring out the 80's valley girl in me)

Alisson said...

Yuck. Would much rather have a corona with lime.
The boys will be in Fayetteville in a week, maybe you can hug them.

I think I may put an old picture of Sly and Stella on my blog.

john mark said...

michelob is awful beer. beers with fruit flavoring in general is also terrible. HOWEVER, do yourself a favor and...

1) get a bottle of belgian lambic
any flavor will do. i recommend the framboise. (lindeman's is the most widely available in the US...around $9).
2) then buy yourself a six pack of hoegaarden.
3) pour a finger or two of the lambic in the bottom of a pint glass.
4) top it off with hoegaarden.
5) you are drinking the ideal summer afternoon drink. enjoy that. belgian styyyyyyle.

AMY said...

When I spent my junior year in Scotland -- best year ever!!! -- I often ordered a Snakebite with Black, which was half lager, half cider, and topped with black currant syrup. I thought it was delicious. Granted, it was good McEwans lager and not Michelob. Oh, and I love Belgium lambic -- so good. But yeah, don't trust such things to American beer makers.

Alannah said...

OMG - I love that Belgian Lambic. I just introduced my co-worker Sarah to it a few weeks ago. It's so tasty. I always order it at Thep Thai.