Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Like 'Em Dark, Bitter, and Rich

I can't imagine life without coffee.

I love a steamy, french-pressed pot on lazy mornings. I love the smell of coffee shops. I love lattés piled high with pillowy foam. I love iced coffee on hot summer afternoons. I love it black. I love it with cream and sugar. I even love it from truck stops on road trips.

Ideally, however, it is Sumatran or Guatemalan in origin, freshly ground, made with filtered water and then pressed down in the Bodum. One teaspoon of cream and I'm fueled for an entire dark and lazy Saturday morning of looking at vintage tablecloths on ebay. How cool is this one?


Alisson said...

Coffee. I love it. Drink it EVERY morning since I had Felix.

I will think of you tomorrow when I get out the press pot.

Stephanie said...

Guatemalan is my all time favorite coffee, the flavor is dark and rich and smooth. But it's been a while since I've found a good Guatemalan around.

Hey I just looked at your reading list. The Omnivore's Dilemma was one of the books we discussed at the book club meeting I went to, one of the ladies' husband had read it and was all, "hey, listen to this!" and "whoa, did you know...?!" I may have to read it myself - after I finish the stack already on my night stand. Hm. Maybe I'll put on a pot o press and read a while?
I'd go out and lay in hammock - but WHAT ARE these flying beetle-things all over the place?

carolyn says said...

i have some really good ethiopian coffee that i have to hide from the builders or it will all disappear. except for the roofers. Jeremy made them some once and now they claim we have the best coffee in London and i can't let them down