Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not The Fun Kind of Getting Busy

I feel guilty that I have no time to create well-written and organized posts. You deserve better, though. My sister complained that all she ever hears from me is how busy I am. I didn't really know how to respond. Do I not call her, then, if that's all I really have to say? Do I continue to check in with reports of insanity? Is everyone getting sick of this broken record? I started this dumbass blog because I thought I had things to say. I still do. Eventually they'll be crafted into essays instead of bullet points. Maybe.

Perhaps this will give y'all an idea of my flooded mind:
  • The summer term began two weeks ago at work. During that time we had another trip to the ER and an emergency gall bladder surgery for a new student, another student's father passed away, our regular overnight trip to Little Rock, plus all the other usual madness.
  • Stella left for a week's trip with a friend to New Mexico. I'm sad that I can't take a trip with her at this point, but I'm excited that she's seeing some of the most beautiful places in the Southwest.
  • Undiagnosed, probably stress-induced issues with my innards.
  • Family drama.
  • Talking with my students about subtle and embedded racism in my culture. The fact that the question "Is America ready for a black president?" is still being asked as though it's completely plausible. Band-Aids, in my opinion, are another example of subtle racism. I think this has changed, but when I was a kid the peachy-tan crayon was called "Flesh." Laws are only the beginning. My older extended relatives (lifelong southern democrats) are voting for McCain. Mostly because of that ridiculous Obama is a Muslim email and Reverend Wright. Sigh.
  • Selfishly hoping that the Hamas truce over Gaza sticks so that my Palestinian students who have been "stuck" in Gaza can hopefully now get out for visa interviews.
  • I joined Facebook after much pressure from students and colleagues. I want to play Scrabulous - let's play!
  • D. and I have decided to go primarily vegetarian. For ecological reasons more than anything else. Of course we'll still grill the occasional steak or chicken but we'd rather use local, organic and grass-fed. With that expense we can only afford to eat meat once a week at most!


carolyn says said...

we were watching the daily show last night (we get it with a day's delay) and Jon Stewart was talking about the internet rumours about Obama and how the mainstream press was essentially just reading everything straight from gossip sites

then he made up new rumours calling them barack-ing news. The best one was that Obama had lady parts and the headline they made up was: Obama's Vagina: the October Suprise in his Pants!

It was all very funny in a sad way

carolyn says said...

also, i have already challenged you to a game of scrabulous. bring it.

carolyn says said...

sorry, i can't seem to combine all my comments into one today

This is an awesome veg cookbook
the authour, celia brooks brown, also has a great world vegetarian cookbook that has lots of amazing recipes

michelle said...

1) Those Band-Aids were never the color of my flesh and I don't know anyone whose skin they matched.

2) Deborah Madison and Madhur Jaffrey have really awesome vegetarian cookbooks that don't rely hugely on tofu. Yay!

3) Also, I am a big fan of posts made in list form. Big fan.

marty said...

i prefer bacon band-aids. this weekend, i added over easy egg band-aids to the collection. in a pinch, pink hello kitty band-aids will do.

p.s. i'm never sick of hearing your "record" — broken or not. xoxo

p.p.s i'm remaining hopelessly optimistic that this country can overcome it's deep seeded racism.

Alannah said...

I've always thought of band-aids as being like the color test. If your skin disappears into a band-aid then you're the "right" color, according to the hegemonic corporations and power structures.

Now we have Spongebob, egg and bacon band-aids.

I remember the dawning realization, when I was a kid, "Hey....this 'flesh' crayon only really works for a small number..."

Thanks for all the veggie recipe books! The other night we made pasta primavera with broccoli, mushrooms, edamame, tomatoes, shallots, and red peppers. SO GOOD.