Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Many Women Hate Themselves

Perhaps because we're surrounded by the kind of didactic, self-guessing, divisive, patronizing drivel suggested in these sherbet colored O Magazine taglines?And this is Oprah - not Cosmo! I'm still working on writing down my feelings about the Sex and the City movie, too.

Did anyone else get a little choked up upon seeing the empty desk on the set of Meet the Press?

I may need a media vacation soon. As well as quality time with this little ball:


Lori said...

What the hell is Oprah's problem?

I am very disappointed in her.

(Don't tell her I said that or she might have me killed).

Stephanie said...

Sometimes for pure entertainment I will just stand in front of the magazines at the bookstore, reading these headlines. I've listed them... and when they're read apart from the colorful photoshopped images I see even more humor hahahahaaaa - in my weird twisted way of course.

You know, when Oprah's magazine first came out, years ago now, I was actually impressed by how the stories and articles actually rose above the usual demoralizing chatter in other women's magazines... what's up with this crap?

5 of 9er said...

Maybe Tim Russert needed a little Chicklet in his life.

afro moon said...


Anonymous said...

Oprah has nothing to do with why I hate myself but I don't mind placing the blame on her. She's a billionaire. She can handle my blame.