Monday, July 21, 2008

Wherein I Drop a Lot of Names and Qualifiers

Friday I celebrated the last of the weekend homestays, as well as Julie's birthday and seeing the longtime-nosee Christina, with two bottles of bubbly and late night people-watching. Saturday involved a drive to Tulsa to pick up my bridesmaid's dress for Stacey's wedding and eat Persian food. That evening I was invited to an international potluck dinner my students organized. I counted 26 nationalities, with just about every country represented by different dishes. Mmmm....Peruvian ceviche, Saudi Arabian spiced rice studded with cloves, pozole, Ugandan stew, Russian dumplings, Guatemalan guacamole, Egyptian rice with shrimp, Afghani beans, Togolese peanut sauce served over Chilean rice and onions. Arkansas watermelon for dessert. There's no way I could pick a favorite. It was all incredible.

Saturday night we packed up Stella, her friend, and the dog and drove to Eureka. Our home away from home has been Jessica's house there. It feels like a cabin in the woods, but is only just up the hill from downtown. Her porch is one of my favorite places.

View from the porch.
Jessica, Tolle-ing it up.

Abbey and Gijs (pronounced Hice) arrive.

Rock House Road to 221.

Laid back.

Up the river.

Down the river.

Chance (pronounced and possibly spelled Chaunce), the most photogenic baby in the world.

"I wish that guitar would get out of my mom's lap."

The joy of running before a captive audience.

Coupla redheads, up on the deck.

Big brother Noah.

I could use about six more weekends just like it.


Stephanie said...

26 nationalities and so many foods! And a weekend with good friends by the river - what a grand reward for your many weeks of coming home exhausted to the couch :)

jessica said...

I loved this weekend. We are the coolest people I know. My family is your family...and all there stuff and houses.