Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not An Elegy

In the past week two people I've known for a long time died suddenly. These two people ran in completely different circles, had very different lives, but they were both friends of mine from when I was a teenager. So it's all very sad and overwhelming, dealing with this one-two punch. I thought long and hard about going to one visitation last weekend. Collective grief is really hard for me to take. So...although I feel like an a-hole for it, I didn't go.

Both of them were parents. I can't stop thinking about the kids who will grow up with a permanent hole inside them....


Stephanie said...

Oh, man. I'm sorry, Alannah.
Try not to beat yourself up about it. Grief is personal and your friends won't judge you for your decision. Hug.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can be there for their loved ones in some other way. A visit after everyone's gone and they're really feeling alone or even something as simple as a heart felt note. It's nice to know that people care and are sorry for your loss. I speak from my own experience.