Sunday, August 31, 2008

Not Ready To Go Back To Civilization

I'm in the woods near Mountain View, Arkansas. So far today I accomplished the following: had coffee while drifting to and fro in a porch swing, went to a swimming hole in South Sylamore Creek, threw sticks for the swimming dogs, talked about finding rocks shaped like every state and making a big ol' rock map of the U.S., made pesto and Tuscan bread salad, put on red lipstick and a cute dress, ate a ton of yummy food, spilled champagne, looked at pictures, and now I'm going to bed.

I did not accomplish: making jewelry, catch up on my New Yorkers, taking a shower.

I need more holiday three-day weekends.


Grandpa Bob said...

Who cares about a shower when you have a weekend like that!

AMD said...

That rock U.S. map idea is AWESOME. And so is that food line-up, I'm droolin' over here!