Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh, For Goodness Sakes...

D. and I watched Obama's acceptance speech last night at a watch party sponsored by the university Young Democrats club. It was fun to watch it at a bar filled with people who were watching the speech raptly and applauding wildly. I didn't think it was his best speech (my favorites so far are his 2004 DNC speech, the one after winning the Iowa caucus, and his "race" speech) but still, all in all, quite good. It's hard to silence my inner cynic, though. No dependence on foreign oil in ten years? Yeah, I'd really like to hear more about his health care plans. My health insurance premium just went up. I can barely afford it...and that's just to cover me!

So anyway, today I made the mistake of reading the Morning News reader comments on the article about his speech. Check out these gems:

" if he like all politicians would do just 1/4 of what they promise it would be just great to see him as president,however,in all my yrs I have yet to see a politician live up to his campaign promises.He in the first place may very well be thedeath of the american way of life considering his islamic and muslim ways of life and thought pattern.It is a proven fact a muslim,can not be a good president due the conflicts of the islamic faith and the christain based American bill of rights.Everyone seems to be forgetting this man is a sworn muslim and attends Islamic based chursh services and has stated he will be sworn in with the Koran,Not the Bible,how can that be,you must swear to God to protect and serve the american way of life,not to Muhammed.Muhammed is autocratic/ dictatorship based religion! America is based on freedom of speech and is a diplomatic based country,these 2 beliefes CANNOT CO-EXIST!
The American People need to get this clean cut, good looking man way of thinking out of thier head and realize this is exactly what the extremists want the young people in this country to do.we do not elect a president because he has a nice haircut,and his record in congress is all but ignored which is what they want.Wake Up America! "

" I hope that all of you Obama fans are ready to give up several of your rights. To include the right to bear arms and defend yourself from bodily harm. And not just the right to have guns but he wants to stop the production of all semi aoutomatic guns. Now there is a great a time when violent crime is at its highest lets tear down our first line of defense. "

Luckily there were plenty of other comments from people who employ common sense when evaluating politicians...but I worry so much about the sheer number of willfully ignorant people who will vote.


jessica said...

I agree with you that it was not his best, but I still believe him... and that is amazing. I can only hope that intelligent rational people understand how important their vote is!

Stephanie said...

I sort of surprised myself when I wondered, while watching the speech, why I was not rapt by his words. I kept thinking about the other night when Bill Clinton proved he can still make a great speech, and Obama is no Bill Clinton.

Alannah said...

I think Obama was pressured to appear really tough in his acceptance speech. I think people are wanting more concrete plans laid out instead of rhetoric but his rhetoric is what inspires people...I don't want him to be changed too much by his advisors.

On another note - PALIN?! Hooo-eeee! Can't wait for the vice presidential debate....

Stephanie said...

thought the same - the VP debates ought to be something. Biden has the reputation of not backing down, and from what I've read so far, she has a reputation of being hellishy tough. Fun times.

Have you seen this? Yes, ma'am.

AMD said...

Oh, dear. I totally skipped over the comments in your post because I think I have an idea of how bad they are and, frankly, I can't stomach anymore.

After hearing McB's VP choice, I decided to stop watching all news and polls and pundits and talking heads, just to maintain whatever confidence I got left. Is it just me or did things get WEIRD?! It's totally weird. Yikes.

I feel angry about Palin, what nerve! This is completely unacceptable. Obama was right, McCain doesn't get it at all.

Anonymous said...

i just want to say the following words in no particular order to those lovely folks whose comments you posted....MORON. SPELLCHECK. RACIST. FEAR.

Alannah said...

Anonymous - yup; you're totally fucking right.

Stephanie - that is the scariest/weirdest/most unsettling/hilarious pictures ever. ARE WE READY FOR THIS FEMALE DEMAGOGUE-BOT TO BECOME LEADER OF THIS COUNTRY?!?? Because it's entirely likely that she could.

I want to relax and enjoy my weekend so I can't even BEGIN TO PROCESS my rant about how disgustingly patronizing and offensive McCain's choice is. Does he really expect female voters to be that stupid and easily led? And, by god, if the voters DO turn out to be that stupid then we deserve to just burst into flames.

I highly recommend time AWAY from television and news and glowing screens...time spent in a din of cicadas, lit by candles, eating food that very recently was still attached to the earth. At least that's what I hafta do.

afro moon said...

Being pro Obama and against Palin makes you a stupid, scared racist?
I am confused.

Tell Mother Nature "Hello" for me.

Alannah said...

No...the morons who need spellcheck are the ones who originally posted their comments to the article....the comments I quoted.

At least I hope....?

Kelly, Mother Nature says, "I miss you."

afro moon said...

Oh I get it.
I shouldn't type before coffee.
I thought someone was dissin my ho.
(I still haven't had any coffee)