Thursday, August 21, 2008

"...Suffer a Sea Change Into Something Rich and Strange"

I think I'm going to be okay, y'all. This was the week that the fever of non-stop work and craziness broke. I feel like I might have time to be myself again. Time for stuff like making jewelry and art, helping my sister with her new boutique, yoga, wine with girlfriends, reading (books!), seeing my grandmother, and spacing out, thinking thoughts.

I took Lucy for a long walk last night, along the Scull Creek Trail. The gorgeous, big ol' mystical trees lining the path provide a full, lush canopy, so I could only see a few clouds turn deeper pink against the darkening sky. I was getting a perfect mix of songs on my cheapie mp3 player - "Children of the Revolution" by T Rex, "The Seed" by The Roots, "Consolation Prize" by Phoenix, "Illusion" by Destiny's Child (really...this is the most awesome workout song), "It's a Mistake" by Men at Work, "Houses of the Holy" by Led Zeppelin, then psychically segueing into cooldown songs by Elliott Smith, Leonard Cohen, and Feist. If it weren't for the often visible and always audible Gregg Street right there, Scull Creek Trail would be just about perfect. Oh, except for the other problem of too much trash. I keep meaning to take a trash bag with me when I go on my walks and pick up trash but like the rest of my good intentions, they remain just that - passive plans.

At least I have the opportunity, through my work, to do my best to counteract negative opinions of the U.S. It's remarkable easy. Just be helpful, kind, and respectfully curious. Not too hard, huh? Oh, but you'd be surprised. A good example of the hateful, ignorant sentiment that can run rampant in my corner of the world is on display in the comments of articles in The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas. A sampling from this past week(very much sic):

" we feed and house all the poor illegal immegrants,why not feed all the kids for free to,if obama gets in we will be,and every other immegrant from every other country, he will let in our country.first its bush and the mexicans,next it will be Obama and the africans and islamic muslims,Americans will have to move to canada before its all said and done,just to find someone that speaks english "

" Can't help but notice Fayetteville's ongoing trend of black male violent crime.

For a population so small in Fayetteville, they sure do commit a large percentage, if not a majority, of the gun crimes."

" I would also add to the list of things to do to prevent burgleries,
Get a good watch dog
Get a Smith & Wesson and learn how to use it.
These last two will stop thieves dead in their tracks. Especially S&W. "

" i sorry but i call the cops all the time. because you don't who is who, and you don't not what happen tomorrow my respect to the cops.try do the right thing "

You see what we're up against? And these are the comments allowed by the newspaper. Apparently the worst ones are deleted. So these are the tamer comments! Even if they are just stupid, machismo, purposely obnoxious hyperbole....I'm sick of it. It's not funny; it's just gross.

Okaaaaay. Time to mow the yard!


Stephanie said...

That soundtrack sounds awesome - I've been cleaning my house in a way-cheery mood while the cd you made has played in the background! My reward when it's all done is a nice LONG walk.

Anonymous said...

Egads! The spelling errors!

Okay, I know you said it's not funny but I did laugh a smidge over the Smith & Wesson comment.

And yay for claiming our lives back. I too have time to read again and my place is looking back to normal again.