Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chock Full Sunday

This morning I picked up a student from Chile. She spoke next to no English. And my Spanish...well let's just say it's baby talk - all nouns, no verbs and CERTAINLY not conjugated verbs. So it was a quiet ride back from the airport. Last night when I picked up the Russians, one of the guys said that he didn't speak English but spoke German. "Oh!" I said, "Ich spreche Deutusch!" Which is pretty much a lie at this point, seeing as how my German fluency muscles atrophied years ago. So he was talking to me in German and the cool thing is that I understood him perfectly. Then he'd ask me a question and I realized he expected an answer and my brain would just turn circles...some gobbledygook combination of German, Spanish, and English tumbled out of my mouth in response. I'm sure it just confused the hell out of him.

So after I settled in the Chilean at the apartments I answered a hundred questions from the other students who'd had a day now to rest and adapt to their new language life and were ready for some ANSWERS. In English, luckily.

Then D. and I had a nice patio lunch and soaked up the lovely weather and listened to some good music. I had spoken to Stephanie earlier and we made it work (finally!) to see each other and get outside. We, with Lucy and Z. in tow, hiked halfway around Lake Fayetteville, to the backside of the Botanical Garden, chitter-chattering the whole time. It was great! I really needed it. Then it was on to the Indonesian welcome dinner where I ate way too much fried food (catfish, hush puppies, french fries...mmm....and, my favorite, green tomato relish) and now I'm all dried-sweaty and stuffed full and ignoring Stella's requests to go shopping (again??) for lunch food and school supplies. I just can't.

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Stephanie said...

I'm so glad I got one tiny sliver of your exciting life on Sunday! I think I must live under a rock.