Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thoughts Aplenty

Holy crap. Obama is talking about empathy being related to American values and it's blowing my mind to hear someone running for the most powerful position in our country tying it together, staying away from bullshit, blowhard-y, political rhetoric, and just speaking plain common sense. I'm afraid to get my hopes up...after years of progressively insaner, Twilight Zone-esque ("Surely this time people will be infuriated and protest this lie/cover-up/obvious bad move?" Surely! ....NO???) behavior happening in our country, I just don't know what to think about my fellow Americans anymore. I've got relatives who are voting for McCain just because they don't like Obama's former preacher. That's who we're dealing with, folks.

Now McCain is talking and..yup, he's jumped right into the patriotic talking points..."My heroes? Blah blah General Petraeus is amazing...blah blah token Black....blah blah Meg Whitman for the ladies....OH! Ronald Reagan - big time...hahahaha...My friends this my friends that" The cadence...the UP and DOWN of his voice is lulling me into a hypnotized sort of disgust and horror.

Oh hey - Jeff Mac's commercial is ALL OVER this bizarro talk show/"forum!"

Also, unrelated, but...I can't stop thinking about who Rick Warren looks like. Perhaps Chuck Todd, from MSNBC...
...crossed with Principal Rooney? Whaddya think?

Also...even more unrelated to the Big Important Issues being discussed here...Saddleback Church... Those words sound so odd together. Like a Stereolab album name.

And that On Star commercial where the disembodied Car Voice talks to the guy who just had a car accident? Freaks me out. Especially when the Car Voice says that it will continue to talk to the guy until help arrives. There's technology that enhances our lives and then there's technology that's co-dependently weird.

So, other news...I must have a heart of cold, black cynicism because I don't think I give a hoot about Michael Phelps. I don't know why, either, because I LOVE heartwarming tales from the Olympics. Oh, but those little Chinese orphans, I mean, gymnasts give me the willies (so little! so bony and old-before-their-time). I want to adopt them and feed them grilled cheese sandwiches and hide their make-up.

Our new students are arriving this whole weekend. Stella starts junior high Monday. We went shopping at the mall today with my grandmother. Did you get all that? The mall? The Saturday before school starts? With an 8th grade girl? AM I GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT? (answer: duh) Shopping came after I'd picked up three students, settled them in, AND shampooed half the living room carpet because Lucy the dog has been spite-peeing on it ever since D. and I went away last weekend. Shopping wasn't near as awful as it could have been, despite my nearly going off on a punk-ass Journeys shoe store sales guy who tried to talk Stella into CLEARLY ENORMOUS size 9 shoes (she's a 7) and then tried to turn her against me just to make a sale (Buddy, you don't know who you're messin' with...) and a blaring "back to school" fashion show happening in the very middle of everything. Then we came back home and I shampooed the other half! Then I went back to the airport for four Russians, settled them in, and sat down for a cup of tea with a bunch of middle eastern men, students from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Libya - perhaps a little awkward but still not so bad. Tomorrow will be more of the same! Grrrr!! Superwoman!!


Stephanie said...

I loved Obama's answer to the question about evil.

AMD said...

I didn't watch the religious forum because I'm such a weenie! I knew how it'd turn out, and, from what I've heard, maybe I was right?

From what I've heard, Obama actually tried to have a conversation whereas McCain came out to hit applause lines and tell people what they wanted to hear. GAG!

I'm confident Obama will win.

AMD said...

Oh! And I'm an admitted Phelps Phan. I was watching the Olympics instead of the Obama/McCain happy hour. Anyway, despite his accomplishments, I find him REALLY BORING. I guess it's too much to ask for a champion to have a personality! Like how much more impressive would he be if he yelled, "OBAMA 08!" at the end of his little interview with ye olde Bob Costas?!!! It almost makes me want to say to athletes, "NO, YOU JUST DO IT."

Alannah said...

Yes, you're totally right - McCain was playing to the audience in the grossest, hammiest way.

We were having brunch today and talking to a friend about politics and she said, "Oh but surely McCain doesn't stand a chance" but she's sequestered in ultraliberal Eureka and doesn't know what it's like out there. When I told her that no, actually Obama's fighting for his life she seemed surprised. I can't blame her. It's shocking that he's not miles ahead of McCain in the polls. Can people REALLY not discern between a person with obvious intelligence and common sense and a toe-the-line party mouthpiece? Ugh. The worst part is that so many people vote based on "faith-based initiatives" which makes me want to scream.

Olympic fever - I has it.

AMY said...

First of all, I can't believe Stella is going into junior high. How can that even be possible when we're so young???

And second of all, I truly hope and want to believe Obama can win, and if he does, my faith in this country will be renewed. But people are such idiots. I just don't know.

Alannah said...

I KNOW! Junior high?? Doubleyew tee eff????

Wasn't I scowling, black-wearing, and Smiths-listening my own way through junior high, like, yesterday?