Monday, September 08, 2008

It's True What They Say About My Brain Rotting

I lost approximately 8,502,114 brain cells last night when I watched the full two hour season premiere of America's Next Top Model. I don't even really have anything to say in my defense. I was comatose in bed, worn out from the weekend? Nothing else was on? I'm getting progressively dumber and stupider? See, I got nuthin'.

Now, I know ANTM is bad. But I used to think it was just bad in a guilty pleasure good sort of way. Those days are gone. This was so bad I couldn't stand it (but, careful readers will note...I didn't turn it off, either). It was not sleazy-bad like Rock of Love. It wasn't disturbing-bad like To Catch a Predator. It was just BAD BAD. As in, bad special effects and horrendous "acting" and I just cringed the whole way through it.

Why should I be the only one to suffer? See for yourselves. Especially around the 1:30 and 5:37 points...


Stephanie said...

The Glaminator 11 point OH!

I love the subtle success criteria: Are you BANKABLE, Can you MAKE MONEY?


I'm feeling a little lightheaded from the excitement.

carolyn says said...

but butbutbut it's antm
it teachs us life lessons about finding the light and showing our TRUE personalities and modeling the opposite of what we're wearing

i don't think you lost brain cells i think you gre new ones