Monday, September 08, 2008

Let's Hear It For The Boy*

You've got to hand it to my sweetie - in the past five days he played six gigs PLUS mixed a CD for a band he recorded in our living room, AND sold a bunch of stuff on ebay. If you know anything about any of those activities, then you know how incredibly time-consuming and energy-draining just one of them can be.

He did it all without one single complete emotional meltdown, temper tantrum, hissy fit, or crying jag. Which proves that he is far more advanced as a human being than I ever will be.

Also, I don't want to embarrass Stella but she did call me on Saturday with the news that a certain x- and y-chromosomed individual asked her out. Chalk it up to another first. Yikes!

*God, I really hate that song. Now it's stuck in my head. Remember those ear-piercingly shrill vocal trills she did in that song? Pre-Mariah Carey. Yuck.


afro moon said...

I'm not sure I can accept the insulting comment you made about a song from the Footloose soundtrack. You just wait until Marty hears about this.

( XOXO )

Alannah said...


I ALMOST said, "nearly saved by being associated with one of the greatest 80s teen movies about fighting for your right to dance in the world, Footloose"....but I didn't. Sorry Marty!

PS - the song still sucks!

Anonymous said...

You know if you wanted to put her through the evil torture I went through you could always tell her, "No, I forbid you to go out. You're too young" like my mom did to me.

That's right, I still stew over how my mother ruined my life.

marty said...

"my daddy hates me wearing these boots!" - ariel

fav quote from footloose.

and, alannah, i think you are confused, everything about footloose freakin rocks! FREAKIN ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Alannah, I'm going to have to side with Marty on this one. You need to "kick off your Sunday shoes!"

And just admit it already, you made out at least once to Almost Paradise.

Alannah said...

WHOA! Calm down everybody! I LOVE Footloose - love it. Love Chris Penn dancing in his shitkickin' boots, love Sarah Jessica Parker in the redneck bar, love the "dancing alone by the train" scene, love the subversive "use Bible passages to justify dancing" bit - LOVE IT ALL.

However...I just do not like "Let's Hear it For The Boy." Mainly for the glass-breaking high pitched squeals.

carolyn says said...

no alannah, you are either 100% for footloose or 100% against it. so why do you hate footloose? why????