Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project Runway Rant

KENLEY MUST GO!!!! I honestly do not know why she is still on, if only because of that little blurb they have at the very end of the credits that says something like "Judges receive input from producers before making their final decision." Villains make for good tv. But my god! The whining, the giggling, the back-talking, the interrupting, the justifying, the one-note vintage style, the enormous ego.....she makes me insane!!! I haven't been so annoyed by a contestant since Wendy Pepper! Or Angela of the rosette appliques.

Did anyone see that horrendous excuse for "hip hop" last night? COME ON!

Here she is in her Bravo tv publicity shot...all "I'm so great. I don't need to listen to that Tim Gunn. What does he know anyway?" Oooh, she just burns me up.

Kelly? Can I get some backup?


Kelly Z said...

I think it's highly likely that she's pimping herself out to the producers to stay on the show; I haven't watched the last episode yet...but you're so right...she needs to go down in a blaze of vintage glory.

afro moon said...


Megan Chapman said...

This is funny that you mention this. I don't have cable so I don't watch this show, but I am house sitting and so I did.. and when when that excuse for "hip hop" came out.. I was like "oh no she didn't..."

Truly awful!

You lucky cable watchers..

5 of 9er said...

I really liked her in the beginning, but the past few weeks of her talking back, I agree.... she needs to go.