Sunday, September 14, 2008

Super Productive Weekend*

I feel like a got lot done this weekend, even though I slept past 11 on Saturday (so luxurious!). I made a big-ass pot of chili and two skillet cornbreads for an international dinner. And I finally got a chance to get all my bead stuff out to work on necklaces - something I haven't had time or energy for in faaaaaarrrrr too long. It took me a good 3 or 4 hours to really get into the creative zone. I must've put together and taken apart the same necklace 15 times before I hit on a pattern that resonated with me. Once I get going, though...I keep at it. I don't get tired, I don't get hungry, I don't want to do anything except for keep making stuff. It's exhilarating!

These pictures are awful because I waited until the sun was down before I took them....they're just on the kitchen table with the overhead kitchen lights. Yuck. Oh well, click on them anyway to make them bigger (and even more out of focus and colored wrong!).

This is all black, green, and teal. The beads are onyx, black glass, moss agate, and freshwater pearls. The pendant in the center is lacquer with labradorite inlay.

I love this one. Love it. Chalcedony chunky slab beads, sterling silver spacers and off-center red coral and sterling beads.

Black onyx faceted round beads, puffy smoky quartz round beads, square aquaramine beads and an aquamarine & smoky quartz pendant. All cool grays, greens, and black.

This one took me get the right amount of randomness, spacing, and color layout just right. I started with the big shell pendant and then decided I wanted a bunch of random beads to echo the colors of the shell - pinks, greens, yellows, and pearlescence. The beads are all kinds of stones - peridot, citrine, apatite, pearls, peach moonstone, moss agate, Swarovski crystals, and all sorts of other stuff I picked out.

*To be sung to the tune of "Supergalactic Lover" by Kool Keith.


Stephanie said...

I love these! I really like the shell pendant one with all the random shines and textures.

All I have to show for my super productive weekend is a living room floor that was mopped shiny clean fro about 2 hours. Then the boys came back home...

Oh, this is giving me the creative bug... Now I'm itching, badly, to get my beads out again too.

Anonymous said...

Love that shell necklace! Glad you had a good weekend!

Megan Chapman said...

Wow.. Beautiful work, I really love the first one!! Love that pendant and all the colors together.

marty said...

the last one is my fav! so pretty!!