Monday, September 01, 2008

Things I Learned Rocking On Jude and Donna's Porch Swing

  • Hummingbirds chirp!?
  • Squirrels can eat a porch
  • There really is an Orgasmatron. And it really does make you feel unbelievably good.
  • I am very blessed to have an incredible daughter, sweet boyfriend, and so many amazing friends (and pets!).
I hinted previously that Stella and I were experiencing another rough patch. Whenever I feel like we're getting too far apart and don't understand each other, I instinctively rein her in, usually by forcing her to spend more time with me. I try not to make it as boring as it sounds, so it's fun when we can go away together. And here's the deal - it always seems to work. We have actual real conversations and for a few brief moments we're not Mother and Teenage Daughter, but two people who have known each other intimately and lived together for 13 years. I keep saying that parents and kids are relationships just like any others and sometimes need to be revived and nurtured.

It worked out perfectly to go to our friends' cabin in the woods for a few days over Labor Day Weekend, then. We took Lucy the dog with us because D. had gigs in Eureka. Stella and I hadn't taken a road trip, just the two of us, in years, so it was really fun to just get in the car and drive for a few hours. I may get her to appreciate classic rock radio stations as road trip soundtracks after all! She recognizes Led Zeppelin now because, as she says, D. "made" her listen to them.

I can't believe she didn't retreat to the safety of her iPod even when I found the "soft rock" station and sang "Sad Eyes" and "Somebody's Baby" at an alarmingly loud volume (see D., it's really better that you didn't come along).

We laughed, we cried, we stopped at gas stations for junk food. I had one of the best weekends in months.

We just needed Jude time, maybe. She is the first person to touch Stella and welcome her to this world, after all.

Here she is on her back porch.

The lizard who also loves the porch.

And Lucy who got to fulfill her fantasies of being a country dog.

South Sylamore Creek. Perfect swimming hole on friends' property.

Lucy and her mini twin version!

These were growing all over the banks of the creek.

Donna and Denise.

Donna's flat rock sculpture.

The perfect 90° angle rock, also shaped like Utah, that sparked the "rocks shaped like states US map" discussion. I really love river rocks and can spend hours digging around gravel bars.

The view from Jude and Donna's back porch Monday morning.

When we got home, we still had some mango/black bean/habanero salsa that I'd made. It was begging to be combined with fish, so I stopped and bought some fresh Orange Roughy and pan-seared it, topped it with the sweet/spicy salsa and threw together a quick salad. Yummy mouth flavors!

We paired it with this wine that was a gift from a student from Chile. Perfect.


Stephanie said...

Oh, man, part of me would really love to to live in the hills where I can sit on a back porch, sip a drink on ice, and get my daily dose of news from the outside world in the form of printed words in a newspaper.

I truly agree that our kids need the time, the 1:1 time, as often as possible. A relationship, indeed :) I remember the two of you sitting snuggly together on my couch, while watching D playing the guitar, and I thought to myself, 'they are so close, like they are of one spirit somehow.'

PS - Way to be D, for making Stella listen to Led Zeppelin :) Have you heard the latest, that there may be a reunion? Wonder if Plant will come around...

afro moon said...

That picture of Lucy and mini-Lucy is soooo cute.
I'm glad you & Stella had such a nice weekend together.

AMD said...

Alannah, no lie, your post nearly made me weep with happiness at my desk because what a lovely weekend!

Your photos are so darling and beautiful, I'm glad you guys had a great time.

Anonymous said...

She was "made" to listen to Led Zeppelin. That made me chuckle.

I was made to watch Lawrence Welk as a kid.

Alannah said...

Thanks so much, y'all! I'm so grateful that I know each of you, too!

We're gonna be alright, my teenager and me.

AMD said...

I clicked on that picture of the fish w/ salsa in hopes that it would materialize right in front of me. I'm HONGRY!

Alannah said...

ME TOO! This whole working at a job business sure does get in the way of menu-planning, shopping for and cooking delicious meals.

Oh yeah - on top of that fish I sprinkled chopped lemon basil from my (tiny, neglected) herb garden!

I've been craving Indian food....I want complex spice and flavor!