Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Engine Slowly Sputters To a Stop

Would you believe that it's taken me a whole week to compose this one lameass post?

Work has really been....a lot of work lately. I think the pace of it is getting to me. A big part of my job is to facilitate the bonding of a group of people, ranging in size from 13-20 people with varying degrees of common language skills who range in age from mid 20s to early 60s. And I have to do it all over again every nine weeks. When I type it out I realize how big that is. It's huge! When I taught school I had a whole year to develop a group identity...and that was with kids the same ages and skill in language! So yeah...I'm tired, y'all.

That said - these new students are awesome. I mean it.

Friday night I hosted a Halloween party for all our students, the whole school. Huh? Am I crazy? If you're a reader of this blog then that answer should have been obvious long ago.

There must have been 120 people in my house Friday night. There was nearly an international incident over what music was best suited for the dance floor. Turns out? All of it. Really. I saw everyone dancing to everything, even Celine Dion.

The costumes were hilarious and wonderful. We built a fire in the backyard and people played music. The patio table was piled high in pumpkin guts at the end of the night. I (stupidly, stupidly) handed out rolls of toilet paper to students who had no costume and told them to make themselves into mummies. At the end of the night my floor looked like a subway station's. But it was fun, in a whirlwind, spectacle sort of way. My house has not quite recovered though...still plenty of cobwebs and orange lights strung up. I can get away with it for three more days.

New game for this year's Halloween parties: make every Sarah Palin do a shot. Punch every Joe the Plumber in the nuts. Scream every time you see a pun costume. That's what I plan to do.

I had lots more to write, anemic theories of how the stock market crisis of the late 80s led to nesting as a trend which led to home decorating and house porn magazines and HGTV and then predicting what this crisis might introduce, trendwise. But then I ran out of juice. Kaput. It's past my bedtime.

PS - Do NOT listen to last week's This American Life episode if you want to stay positive and hopeful about the election. Unless, you know, pervasive racism peps you up. And if that's the case - I'm fixin' to unload a few decades' worth of bottled up anger, stress, and frustration on your bigoted ass. Better run.


I Know Right? said...

WOW! Of course, you always have a good shindig according to the blog. Who knows though, you could be sitting alone listening to a Barry Manilow Radio Special and we would NEVERRR KNOWWWW! I kid I kid.

Stephanie said...

I do NOT want to listen to that episode of the american life. I've heard enough already. I don't even want think about the possibility of a grumpy, bad decision making, Letterman disser for president.

step right up said...

You have a Celine Dion cd? What in heaven's name has happened to you?

Alannah said...

Hell no, Stacey! As I was trying to get the next song queued up, someone switched the receiver to 107.9!

I'm totally spending my Halloween wrapped up in a hand-knit afghan, sipping an International coffee and listening to Barry Manilow.

miranda said...

Alannah, Tommy and I were still taking green cobwebs down when we moved out of our house this August, ha! Wish I could have been there--Sounds like it was a blast!!