Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Chilly Night of Autumn mush, right? BUT JUST WAIT.
See, here's how it happened: it got progressively colder and rainier today so by the time I left work I wanted to make some serious comfort food for dinner. I was thinking butternut squash soup with homemade bread. By the time we got to the store, that idea was evolving into butternut squash ravioli with sage and browned butter, a recipe I've seen dozens of time but never tried. I decided on this recipe from epicurious. Luckily they have bags of frozen butternut squash at ONF. And (relatively) cheap! That saves a lot of time. I couldn't find hazelnuts so I thought, "Butternut squash...similar in some ways to pumpkin....oh hell, I'll just use pumpkin seeds - not as rich and flavorful as hazelnuts but still good, right?"

Okay so I dumped the frozen squash in a skillet and just let it thaw and cook. Then I sautéed shallots in butter and added those to the squash and mashed it all together with some sage (from my sad little cold herb garden) and goat cheese. That's the unappetizing goo you see above.

Then I made the ravioli with wonton wrappers (such a corner-cutter I am, no shame or guilt either), with enthusiastic help from Stella and Stephanie. As I watched them dry a little I encouraged Stella to literally cut the corners. She found a cookie cutter and hence, star-shaped ravioli.

Okay so then I heated some water to a stage between a simmer and a hard boil (would that make it a soft boil?). I dropped the ravioli in and cooked them until they rose to the top, about 4 minutes. In the meantime I had the butter, pumpkin seeds, and more fresh sage sizzling away. I took the butter/seed/sage combo off the heat after about 3 minutes. The seeds were a toasty brown, as was the butter.

Slapped it all on a plate with some zesty arugula (extra Elitist-flavored!) and a few slices of shaved parmesan on top. Holy Toledo, was it ever delicious.

And here's the final shot, with the softer, romantic lighting. Awwww yeah.

There's plenty more for lunch tomorrow, too. Stephanie - can I bring you some? You should at least try it, since you helped make it.


I Know Right? said...

you know...normally i am not a bold as you are when it comes to foodies...but DAMN if that doesnt look good!!!

Stephanie said...

They look so beautiful! And Stella making stars :) awesome!

AMD said...

om nom nom nom nom!

Bursting with Fruity Flavor said...

Oh man, I have to try this. I wish I lived closer so I could've just invited myself to dinner!

I Know Right? said...

if only you made Mitraillettes...especially of the brochete variety! Dang Almost 100% vegetarians! But seriously? It looks awes!

Lacy said...

"extra Elitist-flavored"

I will be stealing this for future use.