Thursday, October 09, 2008

Well I'll Be...

Check it out - D. is the Musician of the Week in this week's Fayetteville Free Weekly!

Way to go, Sweetie!

Only one thing, though..."muse?"

That explains why there haven't been many new songs in the past year -D.'s got himself a faulty muse.


stephanie said...

I know another 13-year old who would totally love to jam with a band :)

Congratulations D!

Musing that artists tend to be more productive when there is tension, so perhaps D is feeling the groove of good times right now, this is a good thing, and by the looks of you two, the songwriting is going on in the heart, inside :)

(Sorry, I am so hopelessly sappy, unashamedly!)

Alannah said...

Dave wants to teach W! We've got to just pick an evening that would work for you guys - maybe Sunday? For how long were you thinking? I think most of his lessons are 30 minutes long.

Thanks for the unabashed sap! It feels gooood, don't it?

afro moon said...

Dave rules.

Anonymous said...

Now there's a reason to celebrate! Yay D!