Thursday, November 20, 2008

Because I Need Diversion

My internet pal Stacy tagged me.

I've got a lot weighing heavy on my mind and just need to focus on something silly for the time being.

I doubt you're gonna learn anything new here.

8 TV shows I watch:
-Top Chef
-Daily Show
-Colbert Report
-Project Runway
-Real Housewives of Atlanta (easily one of the most entertaining shows EVER)
-30 Rock
-The Office
-Antiques Roadshow

8 Favorite Restaurants:
-Cafe Soleil in Eureka Springs
-No, this is dumb. I have limited restaurant suggestions, and this list won't matter to half of y'all anyway. I'm going to list my favorite dishes instead.
-sashimi, yellowtail in particular.
-tiramisu (made the purist's way - no pound cake or any of that crap)
-BBQ pork ribs. With the spice rub, not swimming in sauce. Best BBQ sauce is spicy and on the vinegar-y side, not thick and sweet (blech).
-tres leches cake
-tom kha gai
-fish tacos
-steamed veggies (asparagus & green beans being my favorites)

8 Favorite Singers/Bands:
-Leonard Cohen
-The Pixies
-The Replacements
-Erykah Badu
-Dr. Dog
-The Smiths
-Lucinda Williams
-The Beatles

8 Books I Have Read Recently:
-The Omnivore's Dilemma
-In Defense of Food
-When You Are Engulfed in Flames
-The Post-Birthday World
-The Braindead Megaphone
-Have You Found Her
-Eat, Pray, Love
-Twilight (just started this one, after being hounded by Stella for months)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
-I found out that an old friend died.
-I caught up with one of our host mothers who just returned from Nigeria where she attended one of our former student's wedding.
-An astronaut lost some tools to outer space.
-I made the colossal mistake of opening my IRA statement (nearly 50% gone, y'all).
-I ate sub par mint chocolate chip ice cream (disappointing, to say the least).
-Jill paid the price for ostrich egg curiosity.
-I advised Stella on writing conclusion paragraphs (here's a hint - look to your topic sentences).
-Christina had a birthday! Happy Birthday (a day later) to someone who's been on my side for the better part of my life. I love you Christina and now I love you even more because you have a hot tub!

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
-Next week off work - cooking, reading, caretaking
-Taking the students to Little Rock tomorrow, meeting up with AMD & ATM
-Making Christmas presents
-The progressive shopping party on Dec. 4
-Seeing D.'s mom and cooking with her.
-Did I mention the time off?

8 Things I Wish For:
-General health, happiness, and peace for my family, loved ones, and pets
-Instantly knowing any foreign language fluently
-A dream vacation in California wine country
-A faster metabolism
-Independent wealth (hey...I'm wishing here)
-Another, more successful, stint with grad school

8 People I'm Tagging:
I don't want to pressure anyone. If you want to do this, then consider yourself tagged.


Stacy said...

Thanks for playing along! What did you think of The Post-Birthday World?

Alannah said...

No problem! I needed something to focus on.

I liked The Post-Birthday World. Sure it was Sliding Doorsl-esque, but I was sucked into the story. I couldn't really let go of the thought that she must've had to keep a complicated plot chart when she was writing it. What did you think of it?

AMD said...

OMG, I made the list! I can't wait, either, Alannah.

Anonymous said...

My condolences to you. And I hope your friend/relative? with the 16hr surgery is doing ok. :(

Good to read that you like the GOOD kind of bbq.

Stacy said...

I was completely sucked in by it, too. Couldn't really decide which version of reality I liked better, which was nice--I was afraid it would turn out to be a moralizing, black & white kind of story. Much more complex than that, thank goodness. And yes, I also wondered how she could keep track of everything in each plot!