Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Bright Side?

I don't have any money or savings (one measly small IRA notwithstanding), so if I never had it in the first place I guess I don't have to worry about it disappearing.

Bring on the beans and rice!


Jeff Mac, manslations.com said...

Exactly what I thought when the market hit the toilet. All of a sudden, my foolish total lack of a portfolio wasn't looking so stupid anymore.

"How's it feel to be down here with me, suckers!"

Just remember, Flossie, in the land of the broke, the one dollared man is king.

steph said...

I know. When I am within earshot of people who casually bemoan the loss of hundreds of thousands (not, hundreds, not thousands... hundreds of thousands) of dollars, I wonder if they seriously want sympathy. Seriously? Am I supposed to shed a tear, Mr. Trickle Down?

Megan Chapman said...

I am in the same boat.No money, no savings.I am however art rich, and the library has great movies and books and music. I also happen to love rice and beans.

Time to live more creatively
and I say bring it!

Alannah said...

Megan - that's pretty much exactly how I feel.