Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting Out In The World

I'm fighting off my agoraphobia this weekend - hiiiiiyyyyaahh!!!! (that's the sound of my hermetic nature being karate-chopped into oblivion)

Tomorrow I'm gettin' my protest on and marching to the City Hall to protest both the passing of Propostion 8 in California and Iniative Act 1 in Arkansas. I don't even feel the need to argue my reasons for supporting this cause. All people should be treated equally. Period.

Although I do find it very ironic that the same sorts of people who claim they hate "big government" want the government to step in and legislate private actions, such as marriage and adoption. Explain that to me, conservative readers.

I am also very excited that the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival is coming to NWA! Every single year I state my intentions to go to Hot Springs for the festival, but it always seems to fall during the busiest time of the year. This year, however, I can get my fill of documentaries right here on campus! My good friend Sarah Moore (S'Moore) has a film in the festival, Bridge To A New Life, The Story of Miss Malen & the Couch Surfers. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. As well as documentaries about the Buffalo River, wiener dog competitions, independent music, and many other fascinating topics. Have I mentioned lately how insanely in love with documentaries I am?

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Anallah, you asleep? you arrested? too much protest? we (and the gluehwein) miss you tonight:(

salah & elin