Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey! More Randomness!

Jody at Mindless Wandering tagged me.

Here goes nothing:

6 Random Things About Me

1.) I was born on a commune. Honestly! And no, my earliest memories are not of naked peace rallies or building yurts out of hemp fibers. The commune, like many communes, was on a big plot of land in Northern California, many miles down a dirt road. Most people had their own small dwelling, with a big common house, shared workshop, and garden. I remember an apple orchard and a homemade sauna on the banks of a creek (where there was plenty of public nudity). After a few years, my parents left California to move closer to family and get "back to the land" in the Arkansas Ozarks.

2.) I never graduated high school. I think I was having a very internal, gradual nervous breakdown. With a touch of deep clinical depression. And a soup├žon of laziness. I moved into my own apartment in March, a month before I turned 18. I stopped going to school at the end of April, about 5 weeks before I was due to graduate. Sometimes friends would come by my apartment in the mornings to wonder why the hell I wasn't going to school and I just wouldn't answer the door. Two years later I entered the university with a 30 composite ACT score and my GED. I was one self-destructive dumbass when I was a teenager. Just because I couldn't get out of bed for two months, I'll be paying off student loans for the next 25 years. No kidding.

3.) Maybe one day I'll have a boy and name him Eugene, but I'd call him Gene, in honor of my two favorite actors and #1 celebrity crushes: Gene Hackman and Gene Wilder.

4.) I love it when people, in all sober seriousness, use the wrong phrase, or say it incorrectly. Some examples: "I did a complete 360" when meaning 180, "for all intensive purposes," "myriad of," "what's your penultimate meal?" or "irregardless." It just tickles me.

5.) Buffet restaurants disturb and disgust me. I want the illusion that my dish is specially, lovingly prepared just for me. Huge stainless steel chafing dishes set in a steam table or over a sterno pot? Sneeze guards? Mass quantities of food? All U Can Eat? ONE BIG HUGE NO.

6.) My left eye can't turn left. It stops at the middle. The nerves that connect my eye to the back of my neck and control movement are damaged. It may have happened when I was a baby or I might have been borned that way. See what I just did? "Borned?" That's what I'm talkin' about. Either way, my eyes get all weird and cross-eyed sometimes. Thankfully I live in this century and (probably) won't be burned at the stake for my crazy eye. Children always ask me about it, however.


Stacy said...

Ha! I used to know a guy who constantly used "penultimate" when he meant "ultimate." I tried to explain the difference, but I don't think he ever got it....

Alisson said...

Alannah, you are so funny! Borned.

I Know Right? said...

or even when folks say a word wrong like NUKELAR...Jesus that kills me. Hey watched a good movie last night while at work. Son Of Rambow. British dramedy from the folks who brought you Hitchhikers Guide. Nice little piece of work and definitely worth watching. Irregardless.

Alannah said...

Is nukelar like fabelus?

I remember reading about Son of Rambow when it came out and wanted to see it.

The other movie I'm dying to see that probably won't come to podunk Arkansas is Slumdog Millionaire.