Monday, November 17, 2008

High Ambition, Low Results

Okay so I made it to the protest. Sort of. I didn't march, but I did walk from my sister's shop (Good Things! Have you been there yet? What are you waiting for?) up to the rally with the dog. It was BITTERLY cold so I hung out in the back of the crowd for a bit then hurried back to the warmth of this wonderful little gem of a boutique. The rest of the (much hardier) protesters then walked over to the courthouse and when I drove past them I honked like the dickens to show my support. That counts for something, doesn't it? Maybe?

And, okay, I didn't make it to the documentary film festival either. EVEN THOUGH IT FINALLY CAME TO MY BACKYARD. I am so ashamed.

But I did sit in a hot tub and discuss documentaries. Does that count for something?


Does it expose me as a hedonistic hypocrite whose mouth writes checks that her butt doesn't cover?

Oh well. I've got a lot to make up for. reparation I will try my very hardest to do all my Christmas shopping at locally-owned businesses. And no, Wal-Mart doesn't count. Thank goodness I'm not buying any electronics. Do we even have a locally-owned electronics store?

This kind of question is why I can't wait for the Fayetteville Independent Business Alliance to be up and running. The only power I have sometimes is the power of a consumer.


stephanie said...

Except for the Planet Earth DVD set John wants, I'll be making lots of gifts this Christmas. I love the idea of shopping locally. Nightbird, here I come.

Alannah said...

I'm making a lot of my gifts this year, too. I have a lot of ideas. I hope I have time to do everything I have planned. Who am I kidding? You know I'll be running to Target on Dec. 24, freaking out over the last few people on my list.

BUT..I'm going to do my best.

Stephanie, will you be my date to the Progressive Shopping Party on Dec. 4? It'll be a ton of fun.

If any other Fayetteville folks want to be my date for it, let me know. I've gone in the past and it was so much fun.

stephanie said...

It sounds like fun - and I'm there!

AMD said...

Hi family, I hope you like your cheese balls, cookies & chex mix! Merry Xmas!

But, seriously, if people aren't getting a Heifer gift, they're getting perishables, which, in my opinion is my favorite kind of gift because I don't have any room in my home for more things! There's always room in my belly! Bottles of champagne ( I call all bubbly champagne) count, too!

Alannah said...

In the past my family has done a "not a dollar spent" (a misnomer...but noble in ambition, still) Christmas that was really fun. Everyone got really creative in making gifts. But that was back when I taught school and something like the entire week before Christmas off work, freeing me up to create like a maniac.

This year (SPOILER ALERT to my family members...stop reading now!) I plan on printing out some of the photos I've taken and matting and framing them. Plus the usual "Martha Stewart on meth" baking binge. And jewelry, of course.

perishables are great for gifts. I'd like to make some things that aren't sweet, too. The previous two years I've made a bunch of dinners and soups and froze them for my grandmother, so she didn't have to cook for herself. Maybe I could do that for other people.