Monday, November 03, 2008


Where is that elusive veil of calm when I need it??

I'm ready for tomorrow to be over. I just want to know already so I can get on with my life.

I voted today. I did my civic duty. I'm taking some students to a polling place tomorrow, though, so they can observe the process. Doing these kinds of things makes me so proud to be an American...I like showing them how open many of our government processes are. They marvel at how any ol' person can come to our city council meetings and speak her opinion.

Now...on to the real decisions to be made: what to make for election night dinner? How thematic should I go? I feel like I should definitely make some apple pies.


AMY said...

I'm a nervous wreck, too. I just want this election to be over, but I want it to end with an Obama victory. It's stressing me out! I'm trying to have faith.

As for a menu, apple pie does seem appropriate!

stephanie said...

Hm. I'm thinking anything red, white, and blue... Red tomatoes, or red peppers? White cauliflower? Potatoes? Blue... eggplant is close, or blueberries, duh. maybe blue corn chips with white queso dip.

you've inspired me, to have an election day dinner. Ours will most likely have meat though... probably a venison roast, with plenty of veggies. I wish I could go vegetarian for a while. I could really, but those boys, they always want to know, "is there meat in this?" *eyeroll*

I also love that we can show visitors from around the world our open democracy. Even my step mom from Sweden was truly impressed when we went to one of the city council meetings when she was here - and that it was televised on community TV.

Lori Mocha said...

Oh man I wish I could come over for election night.

I Know Right? said...

my veil of calm comes from reading your blog.