Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Friends, Choppers, Drive-Thru Nativity

Friday and Saturday I took my students on our regular trip to Little Rock. As usual, it was a jampacked tight schedule and completely, bone-tiringly exhausting. But fun! D. helped me drive the students. I always like it when he comes along because he doesn't get mad at me when I'm stressing out about the tight schedule or everything else that makes me cranky and bitchy (the responsibility of being in charge of 19 people's safety and well-being and stuff like that). He took this picture of me in the capitol building. It's decorated for the holidays and looking extra pretty. They're having an exhibit at the Clinton Museum of all these amazing choppers. I didn't think I really cared one way or the other about motorcycles but these were incredible! Each one was clearly a work of art.
Saturday we drove out to the Heifer Ranch where D. snapped this picture. We both thought the "Drive-Thru" part was really funny.

Friday evening we met up with fellow blogger and once-removed friend Ai Lien. I think I can now safely take away the "once removed" part. She's awesome! Her sister as well! Good food, good drinks, even better company. It's really saying something that all of us homebodies stayed out so late....and in the freezing cold weather, even. Maybe there's hope for us yet.

I've taken off work this week to attend to several things. Today I'm going to the library to look for movies to check out, then going to the courthouse to vote in the mayoral run-off, then driving out to the King's River, almost up to the Missouri border, to help take care of and visit with a good friend who's convalescing. Oh...and I'll be planning my contribution to the big meal on Thursday. Hmmm...pies....


stephanie said...

You look so relaxed and stress free in that picture in the capitol!

afro moon said...

That is totes a great picture of you.

p.s. totes

Megan Chapman said...

That is a lovely picture of you!

I saw those choppers, aren't they amazing.I am not one for motorcycles either- but those are pretty "spectacular-spectacular!"
Have a great week off work.