Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spreadsheets, Wu Tang, Astronaut Tools, and Cul-de-sac Werewolves

What a day, what a day, what a day, y'all....

I felt very productive at work going from task to task very quickly and efficiently. I didn't want to stop and think about that good friend of mine who was having a 12 hour long surgery. Think about that for a second. TWELVE HOURS. Still thinking about it? Does it make you feel a little woozy? It does me. So I got a lot of organizational, boring but necessary things done. Like filing. And data entry. It was a good day for spreadsheets.

Stella made dinner, though. Hallelujah baby Jesus. Pasta with fake meat crumble marinara, garnished in fresh basil and grated Cotija, because we're out of Parmesan.

D.'s about to hand over a CD that he's been mixing on and off for something like six months now. It's a local bluegrass band we both really like but I can't wait to get a break from it. Whooooooooo.....I mean, I'm from the Ozarks so I have a fairly high banjo threshold, but this shit has gotten out of hand. That frantic, jangly mountain music is making me crazy! I must rebel and readjust the energy of this house with like Wu Tang or something. Wu Tang or Charlie Parker.

This morning I heard the story on NPR of the astronaut who lost her tools in space. The mental image of special astronaut space station tools floating away into nothingness has reappeared several times throughout the day. Just filing papers and thinking about astronaut tools....that was my day. Ground control to Major Tom...

Aaaah. Time to count down the minutes to Top Chef and have a glass of malbec. I really want to start a fire but I'm too scared to go to the wood pile at night. I saw a snake skin (yes, I know they're hibernating) yesterday and a black widow (not hibernating!) under a log a few weeks ago. And there could very possibly be bears or werewolves out there too.....suburbia bears and cul-de-sac werewolves. So I won't risk it....although keeping a fire going could give me another task until I get word that she's out of surgery and doing fine.

Tick tock.


I Know Right? said...

best wishes for your friend.

AMY said...

I've been keeping up with your blog via Google Reader, which is why I haven't been commenting as much. Because it's so hard to click onto the title of your blog and go right to it? At any rate, I wouldn't go out to the wood pile at night, either. Those cul-de-sac werewolves are sneaky!

I hope your friend is doing well.

stephanie said...

If I had written about my day yesterday, the post would have begun the same way as yours... Different title though. We have a gas fireplace. Fakers, that we are.

Today might be better. I hope. For you too. :)

Babs Silverwood said...

Dear Alannah,

Our mutual love for Hall & Oates allowed me to discover you this fine morning. As I read further, your love of NPR, salt-of-the-earth baby names and vino (along with your hatred of non-words such as irregardless) convinces me that we might be distantly related.

Good stuff you got here!


Cousin Babs

Alannah said...

Amy - your blog gets better and better every time I read it. You know you've got a whole book now just about, don't you?

Today isn't better (just found out about an old friend's death in a freak motorcycle accident)...just weirder. My friend made it out of surgery at MIDNIGHT last night...that's 16 mf'in hours. But she's doing well. I'm taking off work next week to be with her.

Cousin Babs! I wish you really were my cousin - I don't have any first cousins. I will love Hall and Oates forever and ever. The first video I remember seeing was "Private Eyes." Maybe that's where my love of hand-claps in songs came from. Thanks for reading!

Babs Silverwood said...

Oh man, sister/cousin. It sounds like you had a really rough day.

Hang in there and don't be afraid to blast some H&O in the hospital to expedite your friend's recovery. Oates would want it that way.

Alannah said...

Oates is the best. He is the soothing balm for my heavy heart (what? that doesn't even make sense). He has ties to NW Arkansas, too!