Sunday, November 30, 2008

Still More to Share

I've been fantasizing about the Carrot Ginger Apple Cream Soup we tried at Cafe Soleil on Wednesday night. I figured it should be easy enough to recreate so that's what I did last night. This soup is simple, quick, satisfying, and very cheap to make - what's not to like?

I started with a pound or so of scrubbed organic carrots, a few big nubby hunks of ginger, and several cloves of garlic.

Not pictured in the ingredients: a quart of chicken stock (yeah, not exactly vegetarian, but I really wanted to incorporate an umami taste into the soup. I'm sure you could just as easily use vegetable stock), a pint of heavy cream, and a peeled, chopped honeycrisp apple.

I chopped and sauteed the garlic and ginger in a little butter, then added the chopped carrots and apple and broth. I let it all cook down for about 30 minutes, then transferred it to the blender for the puree stage. While the blender was going, I added a pint of heavy cream in a steady stream. Then the soup went back to the saucepan for a few flavor alterations. I added another pinch of sea salt and one of Indian chili powder, and a dash of garlic powder.

It looks so pretty against my favorite big green bowl.

And tasted delicious with a dollop of goat cheese, fresh sage, and buttered roasted garlic sourdough bread. Mmmm MMM! Just the right amounts of sweetness, spice, and rich flavor.

D. was sad that I didn't take home the two leftover pieces of chocolate cream pie (I thought it best to leave them with the hosts...everyone knows how good leftover chocolate cream pie is). In order to fulfill my good girlfriend duties for the week, I made him another chocolate pie last night. This time I made a homemade chocolate pie crust, using a recipe from the Baking with Julia cookbook that has never led me astray in that confusing, complex world of baking.

The chocolate crust was a little difficult at first, but eventually I worked it enough with my hands to meld the dough and roll it out just fine.

And then the pastry tip was too small, so the whipped cream stars look more like cauliflower florets...more lumpy than decorative...but who cares? It tasted incredible. I used only bittersweet chocolate to flavor the custard so it had a very rich, full chocolate flavor.

D. fulfilled his good boyfriend duties by taking me to the movies yesterday afternoon. We saw Rachel Getting Married. It certainly felt more like an indie film than a Jonathan Demme film, meaning that they nearly went overboard with the handheld digital camera...and really amped up the bohemian vibe. It was alright....I could have used more exposition and fewer musical interludes. And hey! One of the guys from TV on the Radio played the groom! All in all, I gave it a B-.


Danelle said...

I love you, I love you, I love you...

Alannah said...

Danelle! Girl, I MISS YOU and your beautiful family! Are y'all coming back for Christmas?

AMD said...

I will be making this soup. OM NOM NOM NOM!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel
Sidney, Sidney, Sidney
When they did that in the movie it took everything in me to not burst out laughing. Yes, I'm juvenile.

Hope you had a good T-Day!

Alannah said...

Stacey - that part was 50% hokey and 50% sweet, in my opinion. The constant band practices were what started to drive me over the edge...and EXTREME close-ups.

stephanie said...

I have been thinking about that pie for days now. Daydreaming. Fantasizing.

Alannah said...

Stephanie - maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but there is still like 1/2 a pie left. I'm sending you home with it tonight! Oh yes I am!

Anonymous said...

Oooh looks so good!