Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Taking Up Space In My Brain

When I'm alone in my car I torture myself by listening to fundamentalist Christian radio, the Spanish language stations, and easy listening. I don't know why. I'd rather hear something I've never heard before than "Tom Sawyer" by Rush for the kabillionth time. I do not like Rush. Plus...I think maybe somehow it keeps me well-rounded.

I think someone needs to start thinking about retirement communities for the Baby Boomers - LEED-certified buildings, decorated with regards to feng shui featuring amenities such as acupuncture, spiritual retreats, sweat lodges, and Jungian therapy. Seriously...there's profit to be made on this idea.

I love Kanye West for being such a sore loser. He's a big baby and for some reason that humors me. He's super talented, handsome, and rich and yet he's always whining about something or other.

In a way I'm really glad that I had my daughter at such a young age because it means we will be in each other's lives that much longer. With luck, good genes, and good health we'll know each other for 50+ more years. She's one of my best friends. I really do enjoy her company. Almost as much as the cat's.

Low point of each day: getting dressed for work. I surely must have the most boring work wardrobe in existence. Black pants, black skirts, black pumps, solid white and blue shirts. I need Tim Gunn or Stacy and Clinton to rescue me from the snooze-inducing depths of my closet.

Where can I get cheaper car insurance?

While we're at it....where can I get cheaper health insurance?

D. and I are slowly watching The Big Sleep. It's a little confusing plot-wise but still VERY GOOD. So risqué!


AMD said...

With uncertain retirement futures for all of us, a retirement community isn't a bad idea! Actually, a few of us down here want to start a retirement commune. It'd be a place for us to live together AND keep an eye on each other in our golden years. Not that having children guarantees care-takers when you're unable to care for yourself, we'd be able to care for each other. I'm envisioning lots of land, little cabins, gardens, etc.

I know we're a long ways from retiring, but we've got to start planning some time, amirite? Or is it just the planner in me?

RE: boring clothes, hi, me too! I try to amp things up with shoes, accessories, and color. It was only a couple of years ago that I wore something other than black. Changed my life!

carolyn says said...

i like that about kanye west too. i like how indignant he gets that other people might not understand how talented and smart he is. it's pretty awesome

carolyn says said...

and why does the spellchecker put a red line under the word kanye? why hasn't Microsoft added kanye to it's dictionary? why does Microsoft hate black people?