Saturday, November 29, 2008

You Are So Beautiful To Me

When my boss asked me if I wanted to take off work Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my time off: go out to the Kings River to stay with a good friend recovering from massive surgery. I knew I could cook for her, and infuse her with love and healing that I put into my food.

The river this time of year is still astoundingly beautiful, in a quiet, clear sort of way.
Looking down the river, toward Arkansas

The bluffs across from the gravel bar are only visible when the water is really low

I love how the white bark of the Sycamores stand out in the wintertime

It was warm when the sun was out. We sat out in Patt and Craig's yard, soaked up the sun, and listened to the nature sounds up and down the well as the occasional gunshot reminding us that it's deer season.

Bella, sitting outside the fence and keeping watch. Patt's energy and color were surprisingly full and up! I could sit and listen to her stories all day...

Sweet Bella. She's a Tibetan Spaniel and yes, she is 100% warm, smart, soft, loyal, stinky, adorable love.

Tigger returns from the hunt!

He knows he's a badass.

No time to stop for a photo

"Excuse me, but I have a half-dead rodent to play with for 3o seconds and then ignore while it runs around in a shocked, dying state. That's how I roll"

Jude returns, rodent free

She is a perfect match with her surroundings....good thing the hunters weren't around

Jude's findings

Jude's fingers: graceful, expressive, lovely, and tastefully adorned

These hands were the very first to touch my daughter

If you live in Arkansas, it helps to love rocks

We turned our chairs around to face the west. I think what I love the most out here is the sheer e x p a n s e....the sky stretching so far in every direction. It's huge! It's impossible to NOT relax when you're out here
The afternoon sun in winter is softer and more amber glow-y and muted than in summer

This guy must be some sort of driftwood, river scrap sculpture

Those skeletal white Sycamores again

More muted and amber glow

The sunset was its usual incremental affair

It photographed darker when I faced it straight on

Than when the sun was off to the side

A giant kiss

Lavenders and greys... we sat and watched the light fade...all of a sudden we looked up and saw this bald eagle gliding right over our heads! Who knows if they exude this super regal and impressive air because their symbolism is so ingrained in us...all I know is that these birds are innately majestic.

America! Fuck yeah!


I Know Right? said...

Reading these is always a lot of fun, and actually inspires me to get off my lazy ass! Thanks Alannah! So this morning, i will go for a super bike ride around the lazy streets of downtown fort worth before anyone wakes!

Meredith said...

This is a beautiful post. I love the picture of Jude's hands and how you mention that they were the first to touch your daughter.
Lately the woods around here have been looking so lonely even though I love them. But this post made me see the bare trees in a different way. Thanks.

Alannah said...

Thanks Meredith and Phil! Jude was my midwife when Stella was born and has stayed one of my closest friends. Her older sister is Patt who has had a crazy, long journey with breast cancer. I have a good feeling that she has a long healthy future, though.

I love seeing the white trunks of the Sycamores and Birches this time of year.

I'm thinking of you, Meredith. This is a really hard time of year to be in cold and dark most of the time.

AMD said...

Lovely post, Alannah!
That kitty is so badass!

kmhd said...

I really shouldn't look at food posts before eleven. Mmmm, hungry now.