Monday, December 08, 2008

All The Thaing Ai Wunt for Crismis

Oh lordy do I ever love the Sunday paper. Any Sunday paper. I like 'em overstuffed, mostly useless, and scattered with nuggets of Americana like kids' letters to Santa. You can't find these on the web site! I've been snipping out my favorites.

This letter also happens to represent everything I love about ESL.Read this one carefully - there's a doozy buried in there. This letter is a real head trip.

Merry Christmas all you Dallas Walkers - I sure hope you get those chelphones.


kmhd said...

Gimme a prezent, phony!

Anonymous said...

Forget the chelphone. Everytime I've gone to the ocean and tried one they don't work!

And hey Dallas, way to butter up ol'Santa.