Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tick Tock

I won't go into all the details of today...but I wish I could.

I'm trying to do too much on too little sleep. Not to mention the fact that it's the fucking holidays which means everything is twice as frantic and anxious and happening at once.

Another student of mine may have gone awol in the country. makes me feel strange and possibly (I can't help it) a little bit taken advantage of. I didn't expect it from this student, who really didn't strike me as a flight risk at all. It goes to show that you never know what other people are thinking and planning. Who am I to judge, though. Maybe things are really THAT BAD in his native country.

I'm so ready to make some stuff for gifts. The creative juices are starting to trickle in and percolate...

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AMD said...

Alannah, hugs!

Maybe you need to show a little brute force with the new students. Tell them that you have in your employ a special task force that search & destroy AWOL students. We are experts in kickboxing and are MEAN. After you inform them this, just go back to being awesome you. ;)

I agree w/ you on HOBBY LOBBY. They are like the Wal-Mart of art supplies. And crap supplies. You know, arts & crap.