Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wintry Mix Blues

What a DAY, y'all. Are we sure the full moon was last week and not now? Mercury in retrograde? Other planetary realignment that I'm not aware of?

We're winding down this term; airport departures are on Saturday. I'm also simultaneously preparing for our January intake, working on overdue reports for past programs, and wondering if I'll be able to afford Christmas.

It was just one of those days where everything was moving too fast and every time I turned around something fell apart. We got your visa denials over in Peru, crucial paperwork failed to be returned in Costa Rica, letters of recommendation for Russia and China, thinking back to the African program this program, oh and at the end of the day the Indonesians' first leg of their flight home just *poof* disappeared and now I need to figure out how to get them to Chicago by 9:00am on Saturday morning. This Saturday morning.

I remember a cabbie in London telling me that the city layout was "like a dog's nervous system." It could also accurately describe my neuron synapses today...this week...most of the time.

Of course tonight of all nights is the one I've chosen to make my try-annual (as in, I try to do it every year but don't always) Christmas mix CD. It's generally comprised of songs I listened to all year or want other people to hear and love, a little soundtrack for the year. This year, though....this year was a dud. I didn't make time to listen to new stuff or pay much attention. So this mix is mostly old stuff. Which can only mean one thing: I'm turning into someone stuck in a certain era. Probably the 80s/90s. I don't even know what to call this decade anyway. Aughts? Ohes? Two Thousands? It's just as well.

AND it's bitterly cold outside so (stop!) it's heater time! The air is dry and crackles with constant static electricity. I'm fighting off a head cold and am congested uber alles. I just want to breathe easily and not have everything clogged, dry, and crackly.

Is it the end of the year that's making everything go haywire? I know it's not just me. Someone held up that fancy jewelry store on Dickson Street. Yeah, and the brewery caught fire. Vandals raised hell in Eureka Springs. Bush ducking those shoes. It's a world gone mad!

I tell you!


I Know Right? said...

I sooo wish that size 10 would have connected with a Nukelar EL SMACK O right on the bridge of his West Texas Beak!!!!!

I Know Right? said...

OH...1 thing mas...have you been listening to any Casiotone For The Painfully Alone? Pretty catchy stuff. just sharin

stephanie said...

I just love coming here and finding music. I love the cd you made, and I love it even when you mention old 70's stuff that I haven't listened to in so long and when I do it feels like a day at the beach, which, by the way is the opposite feeling of dry, clogged, and crackly.

Anonymous said...

Romance Diamond? Seriously? What an awful name for a jewelry store.

Now days I tend to enjoy the silence over music so I'm of no help to you with music selections. I'm sure even the oldies you have in your collection will be great for your yearly mix.

Who knew Dub had such cat like reflexes? The only thing funnier is if he took off his shoes and through them back at the guy. Shoe fight! Shoe fight!

AMD said...

If you watch the Bush/shoe footage (perhaps for the umpteenth time?), you see him kinda smile after the first shoe was hurled @ him. I think he enjoyed it!

I hope your days smooth out, Alannah.

Alisson said...

I love your music cds and if you think that you are behind on music, well . . .

I love your blog, it's all I need from you for christmas and it lasts all year long!

carolyn says said...

dog's nervous system, you say? that totally makes sense. cabbies know everything