Sunday, January 25, 2009

How I Preoccupy Myself

Yesterday was one of those classic great Saturdays.

D. is in Texas for ten days and I always sleep on the couch with the pets for some unknown reason when he's gone. I got up fairly early, did the whole leisurely coffee french press, and decided to take leftover veggie risotto to my sister's shop. It's becoming my Saturday ritual to visit with Jessy at Good Things. Her shop is so comfortable and inviting. I like hanging out and talking with the customers. When I lived in Eureka and worked for an art gallery, one of the things I liked best about working in retail was meeting and talking to interesting new people. I would like to spend more time helping Jess with her shop. She's so brave, opening her little dream boutique during this economy and learning how to be a business owner at the same time. But if anyone can succeed, Jessy can. She has a great eye for unique, beautiful pieces and knows a lot about what buyers are looking for. I am so proud of my sister.

After I left Good Things, I picked up a special gift from a good friend - a gorgeous, heavy copper mixing bowl that had belonged to his mother. It's one of those classic kitchen items I've always wanted. This particular one comes with its own sentimental value and I can't wait to polish it and beat some egg whites!

Later that afternoon, I took Stella and met up with Erin to see the exhibit of ten Andy Warhol paintings of athletes at the Walton Arts Center. Warhol is Stella's favorite painter and it was her first time to see his work in person. Another good friend is the gallery manager and was able to explain the screenprinting and painting process to us. She said I could take photos but said that the owner doesn't want any photos of these paintings on the internet. Huh? Well, whatever....I cropped most of Dorothy Hamill out of this one:
Golsa, Erin, Stella and I went across the street for hot drinks and girl talk. Later that evening I went to another friend's house to do the Wii Fit and we ended up having a dance party with her 8 year old son to old Stevie Wonder songs. It was a blast.

This morning was so gray and cold and lonely. To fight off the blues I made this incredible breakfast: an egg sandwich on toasted garlic parmesan sourdough with mustard, sriracha sauce and arugula. YUM.

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with an oral surgeon to try to figure out why my neck and face and jaw hurt so badly. I'm hoping that whatever is wrong with my vertebrae and jaw is also the source of my terrible headaches. Wish me luck.


stephanie said...

I hope I make it to the WAC before the Warhols come down.

Also, hoping your oral surgeon appt. goes well. Stress bites.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have thought of sriracha sauce for a breakfast sandwich. Way to branch out! I had a wonderful eggs florentine at the Green Giteau yesterday.

Hope you can get your head/neck/jaw thing cleared up quickly! Sorry you're in pain.