Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Storm 09

These are just a few photos I took yesterday and today. Our power went out at 3:00pm on Tuesday and as of Thursday 4:30pm it's still out. I nailed blankets over the windows and doorways to our living room, where the one heat source - the fireplace - is located. Thank god for my friend Orion who brought enough wood to get us through this. The roads are clear...unless trees are down. I got out today and made it to my sister's shop where she has power and wireless.

This is the front of our house yesterday:See how the ice formed sideways? I don't know if that's from the direction of the storm or what.
Looking down our street. Our poor neighbor's tree split in three different directions.
Stella in our living room Tuesday night. Last night we had two more adults, three more kids, and one more dog in here. Hey..extra body heat!
The thickness of the ice on our tree in the front yard. So sad to see ice on the new buds...
Today I got out and walked around the square. This is on Block St.
Mike Shirkey's Goodfolk house.
The corner of Block & Dickson St.
Ice-covered tree.

Little Bread Company got power and Eureka folks magically appeared! The surefire cure for cabin fever is old friends in public places. Here are Patrick and Eli.
And Pearl and Sara Ann.

I'm headed back to my cold dark cave. Pray that I get power and heat soon! D. sure picked a week to be gone!!


Alisson said...

Man. Poor Fayetteville. I have been keeping up with the damage through FB and by talking with family. What do your students think?

Stephanie said...

You are welcome to come over to our house and warm up, shower, sleep, make soup... you are more than welcome!

PS... We were out of power for about 20 hours or so, technically, you are not allowed to hate me.