Friday, January 02, 2009

Venturing Out

The other night I happened to catch the the Anthony Bourdain No Reservations episode when he went to Spain. I love the part where he visits this chocolate artist who creates these amazing geometrically shaped eggs and then puts them in the sun until they barely melt and open up. Well...just check it out; it starts at the one minute mark:

Breathtakingly beautiful, no? I wonder how long it would take me to become a Spanish chocolate sculpture artist. It's my new dream occupation.

I'm not quite ready to go back to work. I resolve to actually USE my vacation days this year! For crying out loud.

In other fascinating news, we got a memory foam mattress topper AND memory foam pillows. They have completely revolutionized sleep for me. Now all I need is a little bell I can ring so that my imaginary butler can bring me anything I might desire and I won't have to leave the soft, cushy confines of the bed.

It's like 75 and sunny outside today - I gotta get out of here! Especially so I can turn off CNN and stop watching the awful Israel/Gaza horror unfold. Many of my students over the past few years have been Palestinian and you could not meet happier, sweeter, more peace-loving people. I haven't been able to have any Palestinians in more than a year due to the border closure - they can't get out for their visa interviews (or anything else for that matter).

This just in - I hate cell phones!


afro moon said...

New season of Bourdain starts Monday!

Stephanie said...

I can sit around watching these shows all day. Looking forward to the new season!

Alisson said...

Wow, let's go to Spain sometime and get ourselves one of those eggs!

Lori Mocha said...


God I hate it here. Although it is a balmy 22 right now, so I should be happy.

Happy about 22 degrees. Did I mention I hate it here?

Megan Chapman said...

This video was beautiful,inspiring, and quite meditative. Thanks for posting it, I would have never seen this if not for your blog.

Alannah said...

Thanks Megan. I love the kind of art that is directly affected by natural elements...even Warhol's piss paintings!