Monday, February 09, 2009

Art Appreciation and Primal Fears

Saturday we took a bunch of students to Tulsa for the day. Our first stop was the Gilcrease Museum. If you ever go to Tulsa, you should definitely go there. It's a small, really well-curated little niche museum.

There were your typical American landscapes:And a few oddities, like this awesome bear attack painting. Don't show it to Stephen Colbert!

I'd never seen so many old Native American art pieces and handicrafts in one place. There's also a really nice little collection of Mexican and Latin American art and artifacts.

This Mexican mask was terrifying:I can't remember what tribe this piece is from, but it sure looks Pacific Northwestern:
I think this one is indigenous Latin American of some sort. Love that trippy, hippy vibe:

The two temporary exhibitions were equally interesting: sketches in ledger book from some fort out west in the late 1800s, and American Impressionists. The museum itself is on top of a hill on the outskirts of Tulsa and has a gorgeous massive vista of prairie and distant hills. It fits right in with all the old American artwork.

That evening, after we dropped off all the students and I was on my way home, I called my boss's house because I wanted to drop something off for her. Her husband said she was on her way home so I decided to drive and meet her over there. I got there first so I sat inside and visited with her husband. We chatted and joked about how she's always late. He remarked that it really did seem much longer a wait then he'd expected. Right about then the phone rang and I could hear the voice on the other end say that she was with his wife and she'd been in a car accident. She was hit on the driver's side by a woman in a van who ran a red light. That is my biggest fear!! We went to the emergency room and were beyond relieved to learn that she had miraculously survived without a single scratch on her! She is bruised, sore, and shaken but very much alive!
Count your blessings....

Sunday we slept in. It was past noon and I was still in bed reading the newspaper. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Chicklet outside jumping around playing with something that looked like a branch. Except I could see that it was moving!

Chickie! What are you doing? Stop! Get inside! CHICKLET! Wait, are you sniffing the snake?
Do not try to pounce on this snake! Come here!
Don't you see that he's trying to bite you?! This is not a toy!
Are you insane? Or stupid? Are you trying to kiss him? GET OVER HERE!

What does it say about me that I grabbed my camera before I "rescued" my cat?


Megan Chapman said...

It says you knew in your heart that Chicklet could take down that little garden snake with no problems if she really needed to.

Glad your Boss is okay- that is so scary!

carolyn says said...

tures are so great! i want to go to that museum and i am happy to see chicklet's snake encounter. hope that snake knows how lucky it is

carolyn says said...

that should read: all these pictures

not sure what happened to first 3 words

Alannah said...

Chicklet would not leave the snake alone! D. and I were outside in our pajamas trying to call her inside without calling any attention to ourselves, sinfully in our PJs well past noon. She was nose to nose with that snake and ignored us completely. I had to get a broom and pry her away until I could pick her up and whisk her inside.

jessica said...

Now did you get a good look at its eyeballs...cuz if they are round your okay...but as I always wonder isn't it too close by that point? It looked like interspecies communication to me...almost kissing.

stephanie said...

What a great art collection, and the rainbow hippie adam&eve-ish watercolor is a trip.

The siamese, Joe (Joe the Siamese) I had growing up had a killer instinct - no bird, snake, cricket, or gerbil had a chance. We gave up on the whole pet gerbil thing after he pried open the cage and killed the third replacement...
And he was so proud. Delivered the poor victims right to us, dropping it at our feet.

I love cats.