Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Panties In A Wad

You know what I really don't like?

I really don't like it when I'm at the dentist's (or in my recent case - oral surgeon's) and the doctor is inspecting my mouth and telling his assistant everything that is wrong with my mouth. I know, I know...what else are they gonna do? Maybe they could put headphones on me with some chill-out music? Or maybe they could just include me in on the conversation. There's a novel idea. I just hate the relaying of information about my body parts from one professional to another as though I'm not there.

Other medical irritations: getting my blood pressure taken (I don't like my upper arm squeezed, and I really don't like feeling my own pulse), the warm, germy smell of waiting rooms, and, naturally, being a girl and having to pee in a cup.

Everyone seems a little cranky this week, recovering from the pioneer days of last week and not getting enough rest. Or maybe it's just me.


Alisson said...

I don't like it either--dentists seem to be worse, maybe because they keep your mouth so full of stuff that you can't talk.

I don't like getting blood taken!!!! Especially if the phlebotomist is not good. I now tell whomever is going to take my blood they get one chance to get my vein and that's it. No digging around in my arm with a needle.

Megan Chapman said...

It is not just you.
Cranky week indeed!