Monday, February 09, 2009

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie

I had a bunch of vegetables that were going to go bad very soon so I had to find some way to use them all at once. Because we still had a few potatoes, I thought shepherd's pie would be good.

I grabbed all the veggies out of the bin and chopped them all up. First I sauteed onions and garlic in olive oil, then added sliced small carrots and diced celery, red, and yellow peppers. I let them cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile I sliced a ton of mushrooms, including button mushrooms, shiitakes, crimini, dried chanterelles that I soaked in boiling water for 15 minutes first.
I remembered that I had frozen chopped mustard greens so I added a handful of those with the mushrooms and let everything cook down for 10 minutes or so.
My teenage slave, er assistant, peeled, cooked, seasoned, and mashed the potatoes.
And I decided that this pie needed to be cooked in a gravy to bind it together. So I used the leftover potato water to make a quick gravy.
Oh, and added some chopped fresh herbs: Italian parsely, basil, rosemary, and sage. Then I grated the last bit of pecorino romano to the vegetable herb mixture. I poured the gravy on top and mixed it all together then poured into a casserole dish and carefully spooned the mashed potatoes on top and smoothed it out to make a crust on top.
That baked in a 35o oven for 30 minutes. The last 5 minutes I turned the oven on to broil so the crust would get a nice browned top.
The salad ingredients seemed kind of rich, so I thought we needed a tangy, sweet salad dressing. I finally found a use for the pear vinegar that Jessy gave me for Christmas! I made a very simple dressing of olive oil, pear vinegar and also a splash of sherry vinegar, salt, and ground pepper.
Salad of mixed greens, extra arugula added, toasted pecans, avocadoes, cucumbers, and crumbed Maytage blue cheese.
Served with crusty french bread and a glass of Sketchbook cabernet sauvignon. Very good and pretty healthy too. And now I have a clean refrigerator!
This is what Stella and I dropped our dinner duties and ran outside with our cameras for:


Alisson said...

I love how you "decided" that it NEEDED to be cooked in a gravy!!

Love gravy. It's my middle name.

jessica said...

I am a shepherd's pie enthusiast and this one sounds super fantastic.

jessica said...

I am a shepherd's pie enthusiast and this one sounds super fantastic.

Alannah said...

I love gravy too! I taught Stella how to make it the other night. Every person should know how to make good gravy!

Jess - I was totally thinking of you the whole time I was making this. I knew you'd love it - it's right up your alley. I think you were the first person to feed me vegetarian shepherd's pie...mmmm. So British!

jessica said...

I liked it so much I had to say it twice.