Sunday, February 22, 2009

Voices In My Head

I never intended this blog to be so meal-focused, it's just that I've gotten lazy in my writing and it's easier to post a photo than organize my thoughts. I can not even organize my sock drawer.

I've been in a frenzied state for what feels like years now. I keep thinking it'll let up soon but it doesn't. This means it's my coping methods that are the problem.

D. works nearly every night now, giving guitar lessons or holed up in the music room. I come home exhausted and collapse. Rinse, repeat.

I'm excited for Ai Lien and Andrew coming on Saturday though. I am hoping to do a full-blown brunch for us all on Sunday.

So yeah...the winter of 2008/2009 will probably go down as one of the absolute worst fucking ever. No snow, just a historically destructive ice storm. I've never been so happy to see a daffodil bloom as I was last week. Bring on the green already.

I'm not cranky all the time. A few days ago I nearly swooned from an overwhelming wave of happiness and love. I was just driving home from work and my chest began to swell with emotion as I thought about good I've got it: Stella, D., interesting work, strong friendships. I let this expanding, molten sense of gratitude radiate through me....

When I fill in some missing pieces (time dedicated to creativity and exercise) I'll be unstoppable. Just wait.

And because I can't wean myself off photos in place of words just yet, here's my daughter:


FLIP said...

I didnt know your daughter was a professor of THUGANOMICS!!! ha ha ha. NEVER give up on the foto aspect. Its fun!!!

Anonymous said...

As they would say on Seinfeld, "She's breath taking!" ;)