Monday, February 02, 2009

When I Wasn't Constantly Feeding the Fire

Hey! How about some more ice storm pictures!

This is taken from the Fayetteville Public Library's rooftop garden deck. The view is the Boston Mountains to the south of Fayetteville.
This is also from a library window, looking west to the University.

Okay, this photo represents a lot of what I hate about our local papers. They're useless. The Dem-Gaz did a write-up on a local family and how they weathered the ice storm. This photo shows their kids watching a 3-D movie, snuggled under a confederate flag blanket. There are many families who STILL don't have electricity, and yet the paper focused on a family (of possible racists) who have a generator and can stick their kids in front of a television while the rest of the region huddled around small fires and tried to keep from freezing to death. Nice work, Northwest Arkansas section of the Democrat Gazette! I think this picture is the strangest piece of photojournalism I've seen in a while.
Compare that to our little ice storm family. Here we have Ben and Quinn playing DS (thank goodness for car chargers) and possibly Stella on the couch under all those blankets. We nailed blankets over the windows and doorways to contain as much warmth as possible in the living room. It was actually quite cozy.
Quinn by candle light. What a trooper he was, walking to our house and then sleeping on our floor for four nights and waking up to a cold house.

By Saturday night I (finally!) had power again. Just in time to clean up for Ira Glass. I decided to take Stephanie to dinner in return for my ticket. We went to Theo's and had delicious cocktails. She's having a basil gimlet and I'm having a ginger lime martini.

Last night I went to hear Dan Savage speak at the university. Maybe he thought he was being shocking, speaking crudely against Proposition 1 and going into detail about anal sex, but for someone who grew up in a town with an approximately 30% gay population and is about as liberal as they come, it came off as preaching to the choir. Still, he was entertaining and kind of funny, like how he was wearing a Mike Huckabee t-shirt. Wish I could've gotten a better picture.


Bursting with Fruity Flavor said...

He's the editor for the Seattle weekly paper, The Stranger. I see him getting coffee all the time & want to squeeze him.

marty said...

that picture from the paper is so freaking weird. we should write mock photo captions for it...

Alannah said...

I know, Marty - right? I can't stop looking at it. With those weird 3D glasses and the confederate flag blanket? Isn't it like something out Life magazine in the 50s?

Misha - everyone asked him sex questions and all I wanted to talk to him about was parenting. And uh....he has an amazing body.

stephanie said...

That is a very strange choice for a feature picture in the paper - makes me almost wonder if the editor who chose the picture really thought it was too funny not to publish.

Also, you have now posted the first ever photo of me online, officially.
I have got to start exercising again...

Alannah said...

Oh! I hope that's okay, Stephanie! You are adorable - what are you talking about???

Anonymous said...

Ginger Lime Martini? I MUST have one!

I'm surprised you took down the confederate flag you usually have hanging in that window to put up a blanket just for the sake of heat. ;)

I've thought about returning to my blog but I'm enjoying reading my books too much.

Bursting with Fruity Flavor said...

He DOES have a great body. I love his neck too. I keep waiting to see him so I can ask him what he thought of Fayetteville under ice. Some might call that stalking, but I prefer to think of it as our pre-friendship days. ha!