Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Frenzy Of Downloading

This is kind of a roundabout way of getting to the meat of this post - but isn't that how the whole circuitous nature of the internet works? I was searching for a photo of the cover of this Macho record that I'd given to Andrew a few weeks ago and stumbled on this awesome blog. His mp3 mixes are incredible! A lot of the songs in these mixes tend toward the dance remixes but the overall selection is really diverse and wonderful and worth digging through. I've been gleaning my favorites for the past few weeks, plus discovered a few more listening to KCRW during my quiet work week in between terms.

Little Jackie - "The Stoop"

Metronomy - "A Thing For Me (Breakbot Remix)"

Le Loup - "We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!" (too bad this is a live recording. I like the studio version better)

Sigur Ros - "Gobbledigook" (full version of the nature-loving, nudist romp video here)

I'll add a few more in the next few days, god willing and the creek don't rise. In the meantime, check out my Lastfm list over there to the right for the names of all those songs I'm obsessed with now.

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Stephanie said...

Does this ever come in such perfect timing. I've really been hungry for some fresh tunes, and no time to go looking. I survive (lucky me) by finding my way to the good stuff via your lastfm, among other places.

The other day I loaded Dark Side of the Moon onto my iPod, and while I love it, it just doesn't have the freshness I'm currently craving.

Yay for downtime in between terms!