Sunday, March 01, 2009

I Think I Remember Me

Sunday night and I'm drinking detox tea. A wise choice considering this past weekend.

This was the kind of weekend in which for once I didn't feel a boring old lady. It was full of champagne, new hairdos, fancy snacks, good live music, houseguests, very late nights, laughter, brunch, more good company, and a hearty nap.

Ai Lien took some good photos and I haven't gotten around to uploading mine yet.

After this weekend I felt a little bit more like myself again. THIS is who I am! A fun girl doing fun things, not a creaky, achey, tired, cranky, pushing-middle-aged old bore. These next few months I am devoting to getting back to who I really am.

It's tough, though, when it seems there is so much pulling me down....the economy...too much work and too little time to myself. Looks like we're (and by "we" I mean "me) headed back to court because Stella's father hasn't been paying child support. This just adds to the stress that's already there and growing. Stella and I have been doing a lot of talking about responsibility, fathers, growing up with unorthodox families, etc. She is healthier than I was at that age. I think she'll be okay.

I think we all will. Eventually.

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Stephanie said...

I think this has been the longest winter... The pull from the economy, the weather, and not enough of the healing, rejuvenating, and essential Me Time is not a good combination.

I really hope things work out with Stella's father... and from my point of view, you are a big reason for Stella's beauty, inside and out :)