Monday, March 09, 2009

Time's A-Wastin'

I don't want to mire in the present any longer.'s almost too much to even turn on the television. OUR LIVES ARE GOING DOWN THE TOILET! We are headed for certain destruction!

Let's look to the rosy future, shall we?

I'd been wanting to create a list of 100 things I want to do before I die (I refuse to use that awful "b----t list" term - yuck), but I didn't want to leave anything out so I'll be posting these ten at a time so I can ruminate and hopefully not omit anything.

Without any further ado.


The first 10 of 100 Things I Hope to Do Before I Die

1. Plant, maintain, and harvest a thriving flower and vegetable garden.

2. Research my family history.

3. Take Stella to Europe with the plan to paint and sketch the sights as often as we take photos.

4. March in Washington (for ERA ratification? Please?).

5. Camp in the desert with a high-powered telescope.

6. Finish my master's degree. I even found my ideal program already!

7. Wear a big hat to the Kentucky Derby.

8. Resume violin lessons.
8b. Learn to read music.

9. Write that memoir.
9b. Publish that memoir.

10. Take a road trip in a convertible.

What would be on your list?

Anyone want to help me accomplish any of these?


AMY said...

Great list. I'll have to think about this. Doing it ten at a time is a good idea -- it's kind of overwhelming otherwise! I miss you!!!

afro moon said...

Dear Thelma,

I will help you take that road trip in a convertible... but let's try not to shoot anyone or drive off a cliff.



Alannah said...

I miss you too Amy! I need to meet Hideo!

Kelly - you know I can't promise you anything like that.

step right up said...

Those are all obtainable. I don't see why you couldn't do them. I made a list years ago. I've checked off some. It's good to have goals for yourself. Sorry I missed your call. :(

Stephanie said...

I've started a list like this too! It's in one of my journals, maybe I'll post it someday :)

I love your list and now want to add #5 to my list, and maybe change #10 to "road trip on a bike."

I can definitely see you doing all of these, especially #3 and #9! ( I think a trip to Europe with Stella would make a class A graduation gift - and by then she will really be able to absorb it so much more, and understand the language in France :)

FLIP said...

Awes Alannah! I think i shall copy this idea and try it on mine. See what I come up with. You and Stella should definitely do Europe! There is no experience like it!!!

Sarah said...

That Master's program sounds like a dream! And you could totally rock a big hat to the Derby or anywhere else.