Sunday, April 05, 2009

Death, Rebirth...Turn, Turn, Turn

On our way back from Little Rock last Sunday, D. and I stopped at his grandparents' place in Rosebud, Arkansas to visit with his grandmother and to see his grandfather. It was a warm day and I brought his grandmother a bouquet of lilacs that I'd picked in my friend's yard. I am so glad we had that day because on Wednesday morning D.'s mother called to say that her father had passed early that morning. Thursday D. and I drove down and spent the next three days there.

Small town Arkansas is worlds away from fast(er)-paced, bustling business & college town Arkansas. Rosebud reminds me so much of my grandmother's hometown of Horatio, Arkansas, over in the southwest corner of the state. At the viewing on Thursday night everyone seemed to have known everyone else all their lives. The gifts of flowers (gardenia bushes, peace lilies, daisies and roses) and casseroles (chicken and noodle, broccoli and cheese, cornbread stuffing) were overwhelming. D.'s grandmother and grandfather were married when she was 16 and he was 17. They had been married for 67 years. He was born in Rosebud, Arkansas and died in the house he'd built himself in the same small town.

D.'s relationship with his grandfather was a lot like mine with my own sweet grandfather. Teaching him how to fish, riding in the back of pickup trucks down dirt roads, that quiet and patient connection to another time and place...

On Friday, after the funeral service, D. and I took a walk on his grandparents' property...soaking up the warm, mild, sunny afternoon. All of nature felt particularly bright and new.

This tree caught my attention for being all alone in the middle of the pasture.This old chicken house practically begged for the B&W treatment.

The happiest creature of all this weekend was Lucy, who loves nothing more than running and running through fields in the country.
Notice how her markings form a heart shape on Lucy's butt when she lies down?
Forget-me-nots. Poignant and fitting flower that day, no?
D. brought along his new toy.
Vlogs in my future - I'm sure.


I Know Right? said...

Very Touching Alannah. The photos were great.

Stephanie said...

I love your picture stories. I love the story about D's grandfather, getting married at 17, building his house, staying there his whole life. Not many people can (will) pull that off these days. I am sure there are even more stories hidden therein.

You add the perfect amount of detail - where I might have said "flowers and casseroles" you listed what kind.
Beautiful photographs. That is a fun angle there on Dave with his new toy.

Alannah said...

thanks y'all. It was a really nice weekend, not too sad - a celebration of life instead. I do worry about Dave's grandmother though...and what she'll do now.

M3 said...

I really enjoyed reading this. The details about the dog's heart butt markings and a man dying in the house he built decades before, it seems to me that these are things---that when you really get down to it---truly matter in life. I will be thinking about those photos and those beautiful people and that dog all day long.

Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful, thoughtful insights.

I would love to hear more about Horatio. Do you know the poet besmilr brigham? She was from there.